The Verdict on C-Lium Lose More, Live More Journey

Medicard Clinic Makati

Medicard Clinic in Makati

Five weeks, 35 sachets of C-lium Fibre, and one Crossfit session after, I’m still alive; and healthier too! 🙂

September 7 came when we had to undergo the second blood test and stress test at the Medicard clinic in Makati  The activity intends to measure the results and difference from whence we started to include C-Lium Fibre in our diet as part of the ‘C-Lium  Lose More Live More Journey. To get accurate results, we had a light dinner the night before of the Laboratory examination ( 10–12  hours fasting ).

We had a weigh-in followed by a nutrition  assessment and counselling.



Nutrition Assessment: Lost 2 lbs, lost 2 inches from waist, light diet

Nutrition Assessment: Lost 2 lbs, lost 2 inches from waist, light diet @ 2200 kcal/day

Regular Exchanges of Food / Day

Regular Exchanges of Food / Day

Treadmill Stress Test

All was going smooth but I was already in a hurry during my Treadmill Stress Test because I had an academic class to catch by noon somewhere in Quezon City. My students were waiting for me as I am also an IT instructor, aside from being a social media consultant and blogger.

The tests were the same as before where the treadmill started at a slow pace whose speed gradually increase in time. The incline also increased as the test progressed while a medical doctor observes on the side. (top photo)

Treadmill Stress Test

Treadmill Stress Test

Blood Serum

Blood Serum

Blood Test Results

A few days later, I got the blood test results.

In summary, the general outcome of my blood test were well within the normal ranges. The highlight of which was that I lost about 2 more pounds from the initial 63.4 kilos a month ago.

Little did they know that I have a belly problem (love handles). It’s getting some mass and I want my 6-packs back! 😛

With my slim built, the others were kidding that they were surprised I actually had something more to loose. 🙂

Blood Test Results (from 1st examination)

Blood Test Results (from 1st examination)

I myself was surprised. I thought I might have gained weight since even though I was taking C-Lium in the mornings. I was generally still carefree of what I eat during the day and just a bit conscientious of my carbohydrates intake at night.

To put it visually, here are some of my before and after photos.

'Before' and 'After' Photos

Before‘  (in Singapore King Crab) and ‘After‘  (in Legoland Malaysia) Photos

As per the insights I have gained in participating in this activity, blood results aside, I can truly say that C-Lium has improved my digestion and daily bowel movement.

With regards to continuing the ‘Lose More, Live More‘ with C-lium, I suggest you continue on this daily morning breakfast routine:

  • Take one sachet of Clium Fibre Husk daily (best time to take it is 30 minutes before breakfast)
  • Hydrate! Drink at least 10 glasses of water throughout the day (we are a tropical country, the 6-8 glasses work for the colder countries)
  • You may mix C-lium Fibre with your preferred beverage (water,juice, coffee etc.) and you should drink it immediately.
  • C-Lium Fibre Breakfast

    C-Lium Fibre Breakfast 

    Other drugs, medicines or vitamins are preferably taken in separate administration times from Clium Fibre.

  • Check out more C-Lium Fibre information at, Facebook, and Twitter

Thank you to C-Lium Fibre for accompanying us in this journey and to Medicard for making sure everything was going well from the inside. I hope this series of Live More-Lose More Journey was able to inspire at the very least, some of you, in living the healthier life while enjoying it as well!