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The Cheezified & Baconized Blog Post

KFC Cheezy Bacon Fest

KFC Cheezy Bacon Fest

No flowery words needed, cheezified and baconized blogs will do. Or better yet, have some cheezified fries and baconized burgers!

Well, you can even have ’em both with the new KFC Cheezified & Baconized offerings!

Cheezy Bacon Pasta Bowl (P80)

Cheezy Bacon Pasta Bowl (P80)

Drizzle cheese and sprinkle bacon to literally anything and it automatically becomes a crowd favorite!

Pessimist? Then try KFC PhilippinesCheezy Bacon Fest and give in to your insatiable craving as the KFC Rice Bowl (top photo) and KFC Pasta Bowl are indulged with creamy cheese sauce and helpings of smoky bacon.

It turns into the Cheezy Bacon Rice Bowl (P90) and Cheezy Bacon Pasta Bowl (P80), respectively. Have your KFC’s Original Recipe Chicken Fillet covered with Cheese Sauce and Bacon bits on top.

Moreover, KFC snacks such as the Twister (P85), Chik’n Fillet, Bucket of Fries and the Zinger were also delightfully cheezified and baconized.


Cheezy Bacon Zinger

Cheezy Bacon Zinger (P105) – KFC’s Original Zinger with Sliced Cheese and Bacon Strips

Cheezy Bacon Chik’n Fillet

Cheezy Bacon Chik’n Fillet (P50) – Original Recipe Chicken Fillet sandwich with Cheese Sauce and Bacon Bits


Cheezy Bacon Bucket of Fries (P75)

Cheezy Bacon Bucket of Fries (P75)

NomNom Club‘s favorite though is the Cheezy Bacon Bucket of Fries where the signature KFC Fries is loaded with Cheese Sauce and Bacon Bits for P75. I bet you’ll surely enjoy this.

My second favorite is how the classic mashed potato was made more enjoyable with cheese sauce and bacon bits as toppings. The Cheezy Bacon Mashed Potato costs P29 for the regular size and P49 for the large one.

Cheezy Bacon Mashed Potato

Cheezy Bacon Mashed Potato

Cheezify & Baconize Anything

You can actually go beyond the above-mentioned KFC meals and snacks and go about cheezifying and baconizing anything on the KFC menu according to your fancy for an additional P30.

As you can see, I tried adding some cheese and bacon bits to my favorite blueberry krushers (I called it Blue Bacon)! It wasn’t actually my best idea but hey, I am adventurous enough to try something wild! YOLO! 😛

Cheezified & Baconized Blueberry Krushers

Cheezified & Baconized Blueberry Krushers

You can come up with your own crazy combinations as well! Check KFC on Twitter/Facebook @KFCPhilippines / www.facebook.com/kfcphilippines for some crafty ideas.

Which KFC snack or meal, do you think would be possible to cheezify or baconize? 🙂


A Cool Journey with the New Starbucks Frappuccino: Dark Mocha & Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding

It’s a journey from East to West as Starbucks Philippines introduces a cool twist to their Green Tea and Dark Mocha Frappuccino – they infused it with White Chocolate Pudding!

Starbucks Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino

Starbucks Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino

Green Tea & Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Starbucks Frappuccino

Starting today, all Starbucks Philippines store will be offering their newest pair of blended beverage called Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Starbucks Frappuccino and the Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Starbucks Frappuccino.

Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Starbucks Frappuccino

I love the added soft and chewy texture of the white chocolaty pudding to the Green Tea Frappuccino which lends it an extra decadent taste to the oriental take of the Green Tea Frap.

Topped with whipped cream, a Tall serving is at P 180 while the Grande is at ₱190. Venti comes at P200. I say get the Venti with a small addition to maximize the enjoyment,

Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Starbucks Frappuccino

At first thought, the White Chocolate Pudding Dark Mocha Frap would sound like an overdose of chocolate. Given the dark mocha frap, adding more chocolate, albeit white, seem to be overdoing it.

Starbucks Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino

Starbucks Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino

But hold that judgement and test it to the taste. I was not disappointed as the beverage came out to be a good combination as well. If you think about it, the white chocolate pudding is soft and does not provide an overwhelming white chocolate taste hence complementing the dark mocha in a good way.

Chocolate lovers would find the combination of the dark chocolate and smooth white chocolate pudding to satisfy their chocolate cravings. It is also combined with Starbucks roast coffee, dark cocoa, chocolate chips, and milk blended with ice and topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.

P10 more than the Green Tea counterpart, the Dark Mocha variant costs : Tall – P190, Grande- ₱200, Venti – ₱210)

Newest Starbucks Frappuccinos with White Chocolate Pudding

Newest Starbucks Frappuccinos with White Chocolate Pudding


As much as the Dark Mocha is good, I’m settling for my good ‘ol refreshing Green Tea frap enhanced by the goodness of my white chocolate pudding.

Try it now as it is only available from today until September 9, 2013.

Buy One, Get One

Check out Starbucks Philipines’ Facebook App: SNAP OF THE WEEK from today until August 8, 2013 (my birthday) where fans will be asked to upload photos based on a weekly theme via the Facebook application.

Chosen photos will be winners of various Starbucks items and merchandise.

Starbucks Philipines is also now on Instagram! Check them out at @OfficialStarbucksPH. I’m at @JonelUy. 🙂

But wait, there’s more! 🙂

Starbucks Dark Mocha and Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino Blended Beverages is offered today on Buy One, Get One promo only from 2pm to 5pm in any Starbucks store in the philippines!

New Starbucks Frappuccino: Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding and Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding

New Starbucks Frappuccino: Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding and Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding

So which one is your favorite Starbucks Frappuccino – the Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding or the Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding?


Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble & Red Bean Green Tea Are Back!

After almost a year now when it last came out, Starbucks’ Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino is back together with another Starbucks returning favorite – the well-loved Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap.

Starbucks Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino

Starbucks Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino

For the unfortunately unfamiliar, the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frap combines the goodness of Starbucks’ signature roast coffee and the classic Mocha Frappuccino® Blended Coffee. Add to that the lovely chocolate cookie bits.

Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble

Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble

It is made with rich mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, milk and ice, topped with chocolate whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a dash of cookie crumble. Price starts at P170 for the tall size, P180 for grande, and P190 for venti.

Now, for my second all-time favorite (after Hojicha Tea Jelly) Red Bean Green Tea Frap blended beverage – it is your traditional finely-milled green tea called matcha combined with whole kernels of red azuki beans.

The invigorating combination of green tea with the sweet- savory azuki beans give this beverage a rich distinct flavor that will be loved by everyone from children to adults.

Starbucks Broccoli And Mushroom Quiche

Starbucks Broccoli And Mushroom Quiche

It is slightly cheaper that the Mocha Cookie Crumble at  P160 for Tall, P170 for Grande, and P180 for Venti.

Starbucks Food Items

Starbucks also came up with new food items including the Blueberry- Licious Cheesecake, German Pretzel, Grandma’s Classic Meatloaf On Brioche Bread, and Broccoli And Mushroom Quiche.

However, so far, we were only able to try the Broccoli And Mushroom Quiche(P95). Flavorful and packed with eggs, the unsweetened pastry combination of mushrooms and broccoli did not disappoint.

Starbucks Red Bean Green Tea Frap

Starbucks Red Bean Green Tea Frap

The quiche goes well with both Starbucks returning favorite beverages mentioned above which are completely customizable as well. Make sure to try them soon as these beverage offering will last until July 14, 2013 only.

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak Meal: “The Champ” meets “The Burger Steak”

This is for the hardworking men and women of today. Regardless from which industry you come from, you deserve to reward yourself from time. This Friday and  weekend is a good start as the salary also just came in. 🙂 Reward yourself with Jollibee’s new Ultimate Burger Steak!

Jollibee Chicken Joy, et al.

Jollibee Chicken Joy, et al.

The Ultimate Burger Steak Meal

From the same food chain who gave you the Chicken Joy, Breakfast Joys, the 39ers, and the more recent Grilled Pork Tenders, Jollibee offers something new for the hefty foodies – the Ultimate Burger Steak Meal.

Without having to wait for 5 to 10 minutes anymore, Jollibee supersized their burger steak meal into a pan-grilled 1/3 lb. CHAMP patty, smothered with mushroom gravy, mushroom slices, and a dash of toasted garlic on top. A bed of crunchy french fries supports the ultimate patty from below while a  a sunny-side-up egg rests on a serving of rice on the side.

For the Ultimate Appetite!

For the Ultimate Appetite! #TheUltimateMeal

Priced at P109 for solo and P119 with drink, I say this is one power-filling meal for the demanding appetite.

NomNom Verdict

Together with a group of foodie bloggers, we got to take first dibs of this new offering in an intimate gathering at their Research and Development Center in Ortigas.

It was a filling treat of 100% Pure beef but it didn’t stop me from being among those who finished the whole serving in just a few minutes (including photo-taking, instagraming, twitting with #TheUltimateMeal, and Facebook-ing; have you seen the photos of Jollibee Singapore circulating around Facebook yesterday? They said it’s located at the 4F of the Lucky Plaza. 🙂 ).

Back to the ultimate story, it’s “The Champ” meets “The Burger Steak” kind of thing and consuming them altogether. 🙂 I was quite hungry then but I held half the rice; the rest disappeared in an instant, nonetheless.

I would also like to share the same sentiment of another food blogger last night – Melo from Pinoy Cravings, that the combination of the french fries and the mushroom gravy (which spills over to the fries) made an interesting combination you might also want to try.

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak: 1/3 lb. CHAMP patty + mushroom gravy + mushroom slices + toasted garlic+ french fries + egg.

Available all day, come and celebrate with Jollibee the ultimate 35th year anniversary with the Ultimate Burger Steak Meal to satisfy your ultimate cravings! 🙂



Sama-Sama Kahit Malayo

Likas sa pamilyang Pilipino ang palaging magkakasama – sa hapunan, sa pamamasyal, at sa iba’t-iba pang okasyon. “Isang malaki at masayang pamilya,” ika nga.

Max's Restaurant in Lipa City, Batangas

Max’s Restaurant in Lipa City, Batangas

Ang aking pamilya ay mula Lipa City sa probinsiya ng Batangas. Doon nagkatagpo ang aking mga magulang at doon sila nagsimula ng kanilang pamilya. Subalit ako’y ipinanganak sa Maynila, dito rin ako nag-aral at nagtapos. Sa makatuwid, dito na ako lumaki…malayo sa kanila. Ngunit tuwing may mga okasyon tulad ng kaarawan at Pasko, sinisigurado kong makakauwi ako.

Ngunit may mga panahon talagang mahirap maiwasan tulad ng nakaraang Disyembre kung saan ako’y nagbagong taon sa Bulacan kapiling ang aking kasintahan at ang kanyang pamilya. Ito ay aming napagkasunduan dahil sa Batangas naman kami nag-Pasko, kasama naman ang aking pamilya.

Max's Restaurant Website & Online Delivery

Max’s Restaurant Website & Online Delivery

Ngayong ako’y nagbabalik-tanaw, bigla kong naalala ang Max’s Restaurant at ang kakaibang paraan nila nang pag-order at pag-deliber. Sa pagsipat ng www.maxschicken.com gamit ang iyong kompyuter o telepono na konektdo sa Internet, makikita na isa sa paraan ng pag-order ‘online‘ ay ang ‘Delivery Now‘ o ‘Deliver Later‘ at pwede ko itong ipa-deliber sa iba’t-ibang lugar sa Pilipinas.

Naisip ko na kahit wala ako sa Batangas sa piling ng aking mga magulang, pwede ko itong gamitin na pang-sorpresa sa kanila. Pwede akong magpa-deliber ng ‘sarap-to-the-bones‘ fried chicken, Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata, Pancit Canton, o kahit Sinigang! Kakaiba, hindi ba!  Para kaming ‘sama-sama kahit malayo!’ 🙂

Max's Chicken on facebook

Max’s Chicken on facebook

Magandang ideya rin ito para sa mga kababayan nating OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers). Kahit nasaan man sila sa mundo, kahit wala sila dito sa Pilipinas, pwede silang umorder at magbayad gamit ang internet at surpresang darating ang Max’s Chicken sa kaarawan ng kanyang mahal sa buhay o sa pagtatapos ng kanyang anak na parang nandoon din siya sa kasiyahan.

Salo-salo kahit malayo!

Panoorin ninyo ang napakagandang video na ito:

At siyempre, nandiyan parin ang Max’s Delivery hotline 7-9000 para sa regular na pagpapadeliver. Nasasabik na akong subukan ang kakaibang pag-order na ito sa www.maxschicken.com. Sino ba ang may nalalapit na kaarawan? 🙂


KFC: Fully Loaded Breakfast Meal Surprise

Choco-Chip Pancakes

Choco-Chip Pancakes

I have to admit, I’m not a morning person; but I always try to be one for health purposes. So when KFC Philippines made a surprise delivery of their Fully Loaded Breakfast Meals at about 10 am this morning, they woke me up to my liking. 🙂

I’m a night person so I sleep late and expectedly get up late as well. But for office people on the go who have to go to the office from 8 am to 5 pm, they have to be morning people. Just the other day, I had to wake up at 330 am to catch the day 1 of the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2013 in Clark.

And it’s good that KFC gives us additional options to power-up their day with their new KFC Fully Loaded Breakfast Meals. As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

KFC A.M. Breakfast /Fully Loaded Meals

First in line is the Filipino Breakfast FLM which includes chicken longganisa, chicken tocino slices, garlic rice, scrambled egg, and soft chocolate chip pancakes with maple syrup and whipped butter. It also comes with free coffee.

Second is the Breakfast Steak FLM (top photo) which includes your favorite original recipe chicken fillet with steak sauce, garlic rice, scrambled egg, and chocolate chip pancakes like the one above plus free coffee.

These two new Fully Loaded Meals joins the Longganisa Burger and A.M.Snacker in the KFC A.M. Breakfast range which is served until 10 am (9 am for delivery).

KFC Filipino Breakfast Fully Loaded Meal

KFC Filipino Breakfast Fully Loaded Meal: Chicken Longganisa, Chicken Tocino slices, Garlic Rice, Scrambled Egg, and Chocolate Chip Pancakes with maple syrup and whipped butter, free Coffee

KFC A.M.: KFC Fully Loaded Breakfast Meals

KFC A.M.: KFC Fully Loaded Breakfast Meals


As mentioned above, it immediately became my actual breakfast at home this morning. :) Both are tummy-filling and good-tasting but the Filipino Breakfast FLM gets my recommendation if I needed to choose only one. It satisfies my craving for a Filipino breakfast not just with one, but two iconic Filipino breakfast symbols – the longganisa and tocino! Add to that the aromatic garlic rice, scrambled egg, and the filling pancakes.

I love the pancakes as well, they’re not your ordinary regular pancakes, they have chocolate chips hidden at the back which can surprise yet again the unfamiliar. 🙂 Make sure you consume them hot just like any other pancakes or you’ll end up disappointed. I hold half of the maple syrup and whipped butter for health purposes though.


Both the Filipino Breakfast and Breakfast Steak Fully Loaded Meals are priced at P105. Value-wise, it is a good deal, a street-wise deal perhaps since the set is really ‘loaded‘.

You may also have it delivered via 887-8888 KFC Delivery (Metro Manila) or through their website KFCdelivery.com.ph. Follow them at Twiiter @KFCPhilippines and Faceboook at /KFCPhilippines.



“Taste the Love” with The Bistro Group

Jalapenos and more!

Jalapenos and more!

No, this is not an advance Valentine’s Day post. It has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day, actually. 🙂 The Bistro Group of restaurants, known for their international and casual dining brands, has just launched their latest campaign called “Taste the Love.”

Taste the Love is not a promo per se, it’s about inviting diners to taste the love behind their every restaurant concept launched. The campaign celebrates a series of milestones for The Bistro Group including:

  • the opening of 50 restaurants spread across the 12 resto concepts
  • the appointment of Corporate Chef Josh Boutwood
  • the launch of its Premiere Card.
BBQ Pork Slider from Village Tavern

BBQ Pork Slider from Village Tavern

The Bistro Group of Restaurants

The Bistro Group of Restaurants

12 Restaurant Concepts

Modern Shanghai is one of the four freshest name in the group which brings authentic recipes in a homey environment. Village Tavern, Watami, and Ma Maison, completes the group having come from the US and Japan ( for the latter two).

The Bistro Group of restaurants is composed of TGI Friday’s, Italianni’s, Fish & Co., Flapjacks, Pig Out!, Krazy Garlik, The Stock Market, Bulgogi Brothers , and the previously mentioned restaurants.

But within the 1st quarter if 2013, expect the US-based Chuck E. Cheese’s to be the 13th as it opens at the New Glorietta soon.

Village Tavern Bonifacio High Street Philippines

Village Tavern Bonifacio High Street, Philippines

Apple-Carrot Juice

Apple-Carrot Juice

Chef Josh Boutwood

Chef Josh Boutwood

Chef Josh Boutwood

Together with the arrival of Chef Boutwood is the launch of new dishes as well. Among the favorites in the list are Sesame Teriyaki Chicken Wings, the Fully Loaded Sweet Potato Skins (Village Tavern), and the a la carte Katsu Menu (Ma Maison). NomNom Club‘s favorite is the Black Pizza (black due to the squid ink mixed with the dough), also from Village Tavern.

Penne with Pesto from Italianni's

Penne with Pesto from Italianni’s

The Premiere Card

The Bistro Group Premiere Card will offer multiple discounts up to 40% off the total bill; complimentary appetizers, coffee, and tea; as well as birthday treats for the cardholder.

In addition, for February, The Bistro Group is offering an exclusive deal for Citibank cardholders. From February 4-7, cardholders will receive 50% off food and beverage orders worth at least P2,500, with a discount up to P5,000.

Ms. Lisa Ronquillo

Ms. Lisa Ronquillo

“Taste the Love is not just about food. It’s about the heart and the passion that goes into everything we do, from our concepts to our locations to our service to of course, our food… we allow our customers to taste the love from the moment they get hungry and think about our restaurants to the time they have polished off every bite,” says Lisa Ronquillo, AVP Marketing of The Bistro Group.

Taste the Love‘ from all the Bistro Group of Restaurants starting this 2013! I wonder what other upcoming deals, menu items, and treats they will dish out soon?

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich: A New and Unusal Chicken Sandwich

Filipinos greet the new year with new hope and a fresh perspective. As they say, ‘out‘ with the old, and ‘in‘ with the new. As per Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) , it’s “shred the usual, try out the new.KFC introduces something new, exactly today – January 11, 2013, a not-the-usual chicken sandwich they call KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich.

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

I mentioned that it’s unusual (in a good way) because, as the title suggests, the KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich has chicken shreds instead or your regular chicken burger.

KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich

I found it bizarre at first, but I immediately approved of it at first bite. Tucked in between the soft Kaiser buns are tender chicken shreds with smoky barbecue sauce and some lettuce. Open the top bun and a little surprise would be two tortilla chips laid on top, perhaps to provide a contrasting crispy texture to the soft chicken flakes (just make sure you get ’em hot-served).

Tortilla on Chicken Shreds

Tortilla on Chicken Shreds


At P55 solo, I say it’s a good price; add fries and drink for P85.

“The BBQ Shredder Sandwich is a fun and unusual take on the chicken sandwich. With it, KFC hopes to inspire people to make changes in their daily lives – no matter how small. It could be as easy as shredding your usual choice and trying out this new sandwich,” says Natalie Perez, Marketing Director of KFC Philippines.

KFC Shredder Sandwich Cross Section

KFC Shredder Sandwich Cross Section

If you are looking for something new and beyond the usual, I highly recommend the KFC BBQ Shredder Sandwich. I hope KFC makes it a permanent part of their menu. For delivery, call 887-8888. Follow them on Twitter @KFCPhilippines , Facebook www.facebook.com/kfcphilippines , and  www.kfcdelivery.com.ph.