Let’s Meet, Shop, & Eat @ Joel’s Place Glorietta!

Come home to a culinary haven that puts your well-being at the forefront!

Joel’s Place, a contemporary grocerant, delivers everyday luxuries to Filipinos by offering the best in thoughtfully curated gourmet selections, within a friendly community setting.

Since its inaugural launch at The Proscenium Retail Row in Rockwell, Joel’s Place has become a beloved neighborhood space where folks enjoy an elevated retail experience–one that evokes discovery and learning, delights the senses, and nourishes the mind, body, and soul. Following the warm reception of its first store, Joel’s Place is opening its second location tomorrow – July 11, 2024 at the Ground Floor of Rustan’s Makati, Glorietta 4.

Joel’s Place Glorietta

Joel’s Place Glorietta Opens July 11, 2024; In photo (L-R): Christopher and Rebecca Tantoco, and Crickette and Donnie Tantoco

A Wholesome Experience: Meet, Shop, and Eat

Give yourself the nourishment your mind and body need when you step into Joel’s Place Glorietta in Ayala Malls, your new go-to neighborhood place at Makati CBD.

Recharge as you wander along the aisles and meet like-minded people, whose love for food and wellness spark uplifting conversations and moments of connection.

We are very excited for the opportunity to expand Joel’s Place at one of Makati’s prominent landmarks. Nestled in the Central Business District, we hope to be a source of delight and refreshment to nearby residents and the busy Filipino workforce. Whether it be a coffee-to-go, a hearty snack, or gourmet ingredients for their delicious home-cooked meals, we want our patrons to feel our neighborly care and the warmth of home through our service,” shared Donnie Tantoco, Joel’s Place CEO and President.

Glorietta Joel's Place

Joel’s Place Glorietta Store Interior

The Grocer

As you exchange your favorite recipes and cooking tips, explore a wide selection of fruits, vegetables, and daily food essentials at The Grocer. Whether you’re looking for fresh local produce like Guimaras mangoes and Pangasinan tomatoes, or international assortments like authentic Japanese melons and Spanish bell peppers, The Grocer has all you need to whip up your next standout dish.

Moreover, you can find gourmet baking and cooking ingredients, breakfast staples, confectionery, condiments, dried goods, packaged food, and beverages that not only cater to diverse tastes; but may also come in gluten-free and plant-based varieties.

Beyond the typical grocery store, this contemporary grocerant also presents a unique way to shop: where each product tells a story, inviting patrons to uncover what goes on before the item reaches the shelves and onto their tables.

With a focus on consciously sourced ingredients and specially curated grocery items, Joel’s Place helps the everyday person live a happier and healthier lifestyle. And, with thoughtfully designed aisles, shoppers are introduced to new tastes and culinary possibilities, enriching their dining experience with exceptional flavors.

The Butcher

The Butcher counter of Joel’s Place Glorietta

The Butcher, The Fishmonger

Furthermore, you can find premium-quality meat and seafood at The Butcher and The Fishmonger.

Home to an exquisite array of fine meats and premium cuts, The Butcher presents the finest Angus beef, Wagyu, lamb meat, organically-raised free-range chickens, turkeys, and ostrich meat. There are also pork products made from naturally raised pigs and sourced from the best local and international producers of pork goods.

Meanwhile, The Fishmonger boasts a fresh seafood selection, sourced sustainably, emphasizing traceability. Shop local and imported assortments of freshwater, seawater, fattened fishes, mollusks, shellfish, crustaceans, roe, and smoked fishes—all to your appetite’s delight!

Meet & Dine

But if you need hearty grub or a filling snack to get you through a busy day, grab a table and dine in. Joel’s Place lets you create your perfect meal with options tailored to every taste and preference.


Fresh Catch: The Fishmonger counter of Joel’s Place Glorietta

Choose from The Deli’s sandwiches, pasta, rice dishes, soups, salads, and daily meat carvings.

Then pair your meal with fresh fruit juices from The Juicer or savor a bold cup of coffee from The Barista, which you can also take on the go.

For brunch-goers, The Baker is your new go-to for freshly baked bread and high-quality handcrafted desserts, from specialty loaves to croissants, mini cakes, and delectable tarts.

For dessert, indulge in creamy scoops of authentic gelato expertly crafted by award-winning pâtissier Michael “Miko” Aspiras, available at The Gelateria.

Always fresh and deliciously prepared, the ready-to-eat selections at Joel’s Place Glorietta are made for any time of the day, bursting with flavor for your enjoyment at any hour. Grab a gourmet meal on the go, where convenience meets quality!

In addition, Joel’s Place Makati offers the highest quality local and imported alcohol at The Sommelier. This tightly curated selection of spirits and wines includes Filipino-made liquors with unique taste and texture—from the creamiest flavor to the strongest taste.

The Baker

Get your bread fix at ‘The Baker‘ counter of Joel’s Place Glorietta

To add to its impressive curation, its imported collection goes beyond food accompaniment; they’re from carefully selected winegrowers. Why not enjoy a glass of white, red, or sparkling wine before shopping or stop by for a quiet sip and some charcuterie or cheeses from The Dairy and The Charcutier? These can be purchased in-store and served for you after your grocerant run.

Joel’s Place is set to open on July 11, 2024, open Mondays to Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Fridays to Sundays from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m., and is located at the G/F Rustan’s Makati, Ayala Center.

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You can contact Joel’s Place through their landline telephone (02) 889-97034 or website. You can also follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube with the handle @JoelsPlacePH.

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