New Year, New Yummy Planner for 2010!

In conclusion to the recent Yummy 2010 Planner giveaway, Yummy Magazine Associate Publisher Ms. Fran Haw has sent her winning choice comment-entry earlier.

She was initially torn between three entries including Stonibert Lim‘s and Don‘s. However, there should only be one winner, and that is — Ms. Iris Pulga with her winning comment-entry as early as the first day of the contest:

Yummy 2010 Planner Contest Winner

Yummy 2010 Planner Contest Winner

Congratulations Iris! You will be contacted via your comment & subscription  email (which means you will also be receiving this email post  🙂 ).

Thank you all for participating, subscribing and being Facebook Fanpage and Facebook group members! You will be updated with the latest nomnom adventures, contests, and tips for the whole of 2010!

Happy New Year 2010!