Yummy 2010 Planner New Year Giveaway

As we greet the new year of 2010 in a few days, Yummy Magazine and Nomnom will be giving away a Yummy 2010 Planner to a Nomnom email subscriber participant!

You must have been seen a Yummy Planner 2010 in most bookstore magazine stands recently together with their new released cookbooks Yummy Meals in Minutes, So-easy Sweets, and Weekend Cooking!

Yummy 2009 Cookbooks

Yummy 2009 Cookbooks

Simply answer “What’s your favorite Yummy magazine issue for 2009 and why?” πŸ™‚

Leave your reply in the comment section below from today until 11:59pm of January 2, 2010. Make sure to put your subscribed email address in the comment form so we can check your email addy if you are indeed a NomNomClub.com subscriber as part of the requirement.

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Yummy Magazine Associate Publisher Fran Haw herself will be selecting the winning comment/answer on January 3! Winner will be announced in this blog as a new post on the evening of January 3, 2009.

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Have a happy new year with a new Yummy 2010 Planner! πŸ™‚

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31 Responses to “Yummy 2010 Planner New Year Giveaway”

  1. My favorite and yes, the most worn-out YUMMY MAGAZINE I have is the March 2009 issue.

    Aside from being a Special Anniversary Issue, this one is abundant with “cheese cake” and “tofu” recipes! I tried almost all of the given recipes and all were a hit with my 4-year old!

    Not only that, I also got the best Chocolate Orange Cake recipe from Joey De Larrazabal – Blanco in this ish!

    Thank you YUMMY PH and more power!

    From a True-Blue YUMMY Mommy,

  2. Vivian says:

    I’m such a dessert fanatic. I love anything sweet. In fact, to me, the sweeter-rer the better-rer. That’s why YUMMY MAGAZINE’S November issue (SWEET SUCCESS) appealed to me in an instant.

    From the moment I laid eyes on the cover, I just couldn’t let go. I told myself that I would try all the recipes featured in this issue by baking them myself, of course. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around into doing even a single recipe, tsk, tsk. I even planned to bake Aileen Anastacio’s Chocolate Caramel Bars to give them as presents to my neighbors, my husband’s titos and titas, and my office workers including my bosses. Oh well, I might fulfill this plan when Valentine day comes in 2010. That’s the goodness of having a copy of YUMMY MAGAZINE, it’s like a cookbook that I could rely on, anytime.


  3. abigail says:

    Last month’s issue about SWEETS. Just in time so i can try them. I even made some and give them as Christmas gifts. Sweet di ba??

  4. Allan Reyes says:

    My favorite yummy issue was when they featured different kinds of sandwiches on the cover because I simply love eating them.

  5. Suzy says:

    I totally love April 2009 issue, its actually my birthday month. I got to cook all the featured meals on that issue. Twas a total hit to all my visitors especially my kids, who loved Mac and Cheese so much.

    Simple to do and Yummy Recipes. Such a delight to my family πŸ˜€


  6. Rodeliza Lacaba says:

    i haven’t read any issue yet, but it looks interesting! foodtrip eh hehehe

  7. christian says:

    I’d have to go with the December issue because this current issue featured 3 of my favorite christmas drinks: Pineapple Sangria, Frozen Strawberry Lady and Barbarian Blood.

  8. JayL says:

    June 2009 is my favorite issue because it not just featured the four famous ‘Guys Who Cook’ (which is just a clear indication that cooking is not just for girls) but it also provide the recipe of Beef Sukiyaki with Vermicilli Noodles which I tried before Christmas this month. hehe And it was a success I just tweaked it a little and my friends liked it. Not bad for my first try cooking just following the Yummy Magazine πŸ˜‰

    Anyway that copy of Yummy is kinuha na ng Mama ko when she visited my dorm kahapon along with the other magazine in here (ewan ko kung sosoli pa hehe) she will try daw ung Parmesan Chicken for new Year! Yey

  9. Stonibert Lim says:

    I love the November issue about “sweets”, because in times like these where many a disaster has stuck us, what we need are something to keep the smile going for the holidays and the new year ahead….. something to make us smile even in touch times…..

    No harm in gaining extra weight for the holidays always time to diet down when the new year comes… cross our fingers..

    I don’t cook but I surely love to eat….

    Stonibert Lim

  10. Joy Mesina-Bahia says:

    It’s gotta be the november issue–desserts galore!!! woot woot!

  11. tianrhoy says:

    i’ll definitely subscribe to this magazine pag nagkaroon ako ng planner….jajajajah

  12. mercy says:

    just what i need for 2010. thanks πŸ™‚

  13. lloyd says:

    I go for the November issue. the simple recipes was really very useful in preparation for the holidays. kids love sweets and it was definitely a brilliant idea as a dessert and giveaways. (good thing i borrowed one from my gf.)

    i do really hope that i win, that planner should cover up alot interesting recipes for the whole year!



  14. Aileen Grace Corpuz says:

    My favorite was this December 2009 issue. I like the recipes in the article “C is for Chocolate”. I love chocolates very much and with those recipes I can eat chocolates without worrying too much.

  15. rhodora tovera says:

    so easy sweets.. since i have a tight budget, i try to get one recipe and try it at home. sadly, i dont have a cookbook yet. so a planner does sound good to list down the recipes ive tried out..

  16. Abegail says:

    I like the December 2009 issue because it will be very useful for the holidays. The latest recipes and styles of foods, the latest ingredients and ideas for holidays. I can use it for Christmas, birthdays or even this new year. Even the cover looks yummy.

    I love the part about the mixes of cocktails, perfect for holidays. The advices about bufget-friendly Noche Buena , simple and yet perfect for family.

  17. bevs says:

    The December issue, it has the latest recipes and of course I will use it this New Year for my family. This issue is complete, mini cookbook that has main dish recipe and dessert recipe.


  18. shiela says:

    this is my first time to buy yummy mag. So I guess I will choose this December issue, because that is my first magazine of yummy mag. And I like it.


  19. mars mercado says:

    I like most the December 2009 issue because it´s the time of the year in which you plan for a special dish because it´s Christmas time. You just don´t share the food, but you SHARE THE JOY by making the food special. Mini Sausage Puffs is fantastic. Not just sossy, but so easy to do. It made the holidays very festive.DECEMBER 2009 issue of YUMMY is really a SOSSY-EASY ISSUE!!! More power! πŸ˜€


  20. janine says:

    I went through a green tea matcha phase (and I’m still going through it), so my fave issue would be the August 2009 with the different matcha recipes.

  21. janine says:

    I went through a green tea matcha phase (and I’m still going through it), so my fave issue would be the August 2009 with the different matcha recipes.


  22. Ann says:

    I love the YUMMY November 2009 because it includes gift wrapping ideas, a place where to shop Christmas plates and decors for a low, low prize which is definitely good for late shoppers and late “wrappers” just like me. I also love the article about the best things YUMMY recommends which include the Machiavelli chocolates books to read, chips and even a different kind of condiment. I really love that. And not to leave behind the yummy sweets and cakes. I really love to cut that page about cakes and hang that on my wall to have inspiration whenever I wake up…

    That is the only issue that I keep and keep and keep on looking at… ( ” ,) You really have to buy this if you still don’t own it… I also got a free issue of Entrepreneur mag from buying this issue.

  23. Andy Batangantang says:

    the december issue of course πŸ™‚ because it features lechon, my favorite1 yum yum πŸ™‚

  24. Marilen says:

    It’s definitely the November 2009 issue because it has prepared me for the coming holidays to infused new additions to my usual menu.

  25. Don says:

    I will have to say Yummy magazine save the best for the last this 2009. My personal favorite is the December 2009 issue of the magazine. The issue is already comprehensive with all the best recipes to really make the holiday season festive. I have learned a lot of new recipes from this issue which was a great hit when I tried it last New year. It made our 2010 right as we started it with the best food choices. Thanks to Yummy magazine as it really made things easier, sossy-er and most of all yummier.

    To top it all, their articles on desserts especially on chocolates was also very informative for me. C is really for chocolates…for children and for those child at heart. I will try these simple recipes this 2010 (maybe this valentines)

    December is also a time of giving so I bought another December 2009 issue to my tita, who just went back to US. I know she will try the recipes even we are apart and will have a great meal with this helpful magazine at hand. I hope I can have the planner so I can share the 24 recipes and 52 cooking tips that comes with it with her as well. πŸ™‚


  26. Subscribed! πŸ™‚ jenaspacio@gmail.com
    My favorite would be the December issue. I am a chocoholic and a sweet tooth at that. I love the portion on the desserts.

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  28. nomnom says:

    and the Yummy Planner 2010 winner is…



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