Looking for Heart-Shaped Cakes for Valentine’s? Max’s Corner Bakery Has it!

So let’s say you have a creative idea of giving a heart-shaped cake to your special someone this Valentine’s Day (!) ; but don’t know where to get one (?) The good news is that Max’s Corner Bakery has the heart-shaped cakes you are looking for!

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Sweets From Max’s Corner Bakery on Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day is just 6 days away! Are you thinking of sharing a sweet and heartwarming Valentine’s celebration with someone?

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Max’s Merienda Mix and Rainy Days

It was a rainy day in Manila last weekend when my girlfriend and I purposely went to Max’s Greenbelt 3 upon Max’s invitation for the online media launch of their Php 95 Max’s Merienda Mix. It was a challenge but we knew it would be worthwhile and fun-filled. We were not mistaken.

Max's Restaurant Team with WIlma Doesnt

Max’s Restaurant Team with WIlma Doesnt

Celebrity and program host Wilma Doesnt was already pumping-up the food blogger crowd when we arrived and the event just started. If you still remember, Lynn Ching alsoo guested for the Max’s Mother’s Day promo last May.

Blogger event niceties aside, Max’s Restaurant presented the main star of the rainy day – Max’s Merienda Mix at only Php 95 in three simple steps: Choose, Add, and Complete.


Start creating your set by selecting from any of the following Max’s Corner Bakery products: Cheese Roll, Ensaimada, or 1/4 Cake slice which can come in any of the following flavors: ube, mocha, mango, chocolate, and jelly.


For the next step, choose a Filipino-inspired main Max’s Classic Merienda dish which would complement well with your Max’s Corner Bakery product. Go Filipino with a small serving of the traditional Max’s Pancit Canton or the rich taste of Pancit Luglog plain. But since it was a stormy day, I choose the third option – the petite champorado (chocolate porridge) with milk


Finally, add the beverage of your choice from regular Pepsi in glass , brewed coffee, or the Filipino-sweet-fancy drink Sago’t Gulaman. I had to pass-up all three however and opted for a glass of hot water because I was feeling a bit under the weather. :p

Max's Classic Merienda's Pancit Canton with 1/4 Sliced Ube Cake

Max’s Classic Merienda’s Pancit Canton with 1/4 Sliced Ube Cake

Fly to the US Promo

Max’s also announced their generous promo where they are giving away 5 pairs of US airfare tickets to 5 lucky raffle winners to all customers availing of the P95 Max’s Merienda Mix promotion.

Surprisingly, it includes accommodations for two and pocket money to go along with it; plus a surprise concert! What more can you ask for?

Lastly, if you’ll add up the bakery product, a main dish, and a beverage, it can sum up to as much as P194 which means the P95 Max’s Merienda Meal Mix promo can save you up as much as P99.

Max's Pancit Luglog with Cheese Roll

Max’s Pancit Luglog with Cheese Roll

Our Max’s Corner Bakery Reached Singapore

Max's Corner Bakery Goodies

Max’s Corner Bakery Goodies

Immediately the next day, my girlfriend and I were on board a plane bound for Singapore and decided to give Max’s Bakery Corner goodies as pasalubong (traveler’s gift) to the honorable Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Minda Calaguian-Cruz whom we will visit at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore. We have been thinking about something Filipino to give her this past few days and something from a known reputable Filipino brand such as Max’s was a good choice.

By the time you are reading this, the Max’s Corner Bakery goods might have well been consumed. So anyway, back in the Philippines, try the new Max’s Merienda Mix every 2pm-4pm until September 16, 2012. :p


Flower Alternatives This Valentine’s: Max’s Corner Bakery Cakes and Pastries

Mom says that as much as girls like flowers, giving something edible as a gift on Valentine’s Day is more practical. I think this is what Max’s RestaurantMax’s Corner Bakery had in mind for this Valentine’s. 🙂

Max;s Cupcakes

Max;s Cupcakes

It start early this month and until February 29, 2012, Max’s Corner Bakery cakes and pastries offers the following to complement you Valentine gift ideas:

  • Valentine’s Pastry Bites  – it’s a box chocolate bites with choices of dark or milky chocolate,  some are covered with almond slivers and filled with caramels. (P199 – box of 15)
  • Valentine Cupcakes  – cupcakes of 3 in one gift box (P135 for a box of 3 or P50 a piece)

Black Forest Cupcake  – combination of rich and smooth chocolate flavors with ganache swirls without missing the cherry on top and a chocolate base.
Blueberry Cupcake – your favorite cupcake with real blueberries.
Choco Banana Cupcake  – a moist banana cupcake with choco cookies topped with cream and a big heart-shaped black and white chocolate flat.

  • Valentine Chocolate Moist Cake -  a medium-sized heart-shaped chocolate cake, coated with a layer of chocolate ganache and garnished with chocolate curls, topped with cherry and sprinkled with powdered sugar (Php 199).
  • Sugar Cookies – fancy sugar cookies with a choice of either the Valentine Heart or the Valentine Bear.  (P25 – pack of 2)
Max’s Pastry Bites

Max’s Pastry Bites

Max's Cupcakes for Valentine's Day: Blueberry Cupcake, Black Forest Cupcake, & Choco Banana Cupcake (left- right))

Max's Cupcakes for Valentine's Day: Blueberry Cupcake, Black Forest Cupcake, & Choco Banana Cupcake (left- right))

Sugar Cookies (Valentine Bear and the Valentine Heart)

Sugar Cookies (Valentine Bear and the Valentine Heart)

Highly Recommended

Among the above, It’s the Valentine Chocolate Moist Cake which NomNom recommends best. It lives up to its name and would surely be loved by most. It’s visually appealing and can easily be consumed by a couple because of it’s size.

Chocolate Moist Cake (P199 - medium size; one size)

Chocolate Moist Cake (P199 - medium size; one size)

Max's Restaurant Cake

Max's Restaurant Cake

Valentine’s Promo from Max’s Restaurant

Starting today, until February 14, 2012, a minimum purchase of Php 1,500 on your favorite meals in Max’s Restaurant such as Max’s sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken, Sinigang, Crispy Pata or Kare-Kare, entitles a customer a free box of Pastry Bites from Max’s Corner Bakery worth P199.

All Cakes in Heart Shape

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake

Highlighting the mood of the season even further, all Max’s Corner Bakery’s  cakes will be heart-shaped from February 10-14! Talk about Valentine cakes! 🙂

Check out more of Max’s Corner Bakery Cakes and Pastries at Max’s Corner Bakery’s FB Page, Max’s Restaurant FB Page, and http://www.maxschicken.com.

Valentine Cake

Valentine Cake

I already got three of the heart-shaped cakes from Max’s branch in Gateway Mall this morning for my love. How about you?

And do you know why I got THREE heart-shaped cakes as a gift for Valentine’s? You guessed it right. 🙂

Of Cupcakes, Valentine’s, & Max’s Corner Bakery

Bloggers take role as Cupcake Bakers

Bloggers take role as Cupcake Bakers

I attended a pre-Valentine blogger event courtesy of Max’s Corner Bakery last night. Max’s highlighted their Valentine edition cupcakes and other bakery products.

The main activity of the event was a demonstration of how to make cupcakes. The bloggers were then encouraged to participate in crafting their own cupcake creations with Max’s own cupcake-making ingredients such as icings and multi-colored sprinkles

Max's Event Hosts

Max's Event Hosts

I believe everyone enjoyed the activities and prizes; blogger Glenn was later on awarded as the one with the best Cupcake Design and Dedication. 🙂

It is also sweet to note that husband and wife blogger Jeff & Jen were celebrating their 14th-year anniversary as a couple on the same day. <3

Cupcakes received by NomNom

Cupcakes received by NomNom

On Max’s Corner Bakery Cupcakes

Formerly known as ‘Max’s Bakeshop‘ of Max’s Restaurant, Max’s Corner Bakery is proud to say that their cupcakes are made with the same ingredients they use for their cakes.

And indeed, after tasting their chocolate variant and vanilla cupcakes, it was undeniably good.

The cupcakes come in six variants namely Cream Cheese, Choco Espresso, Choco Caramel, Double Chocolate, Choco Strawberry, and Troubador (Custard Cake).

I love the Double Chocolate best among all. Nomnomonom.

Blogger-Designed Cupcakes :)

Blogger-Designed Cupcakes 🙂

Perhaps most of us are only familiar with Max’s Caramel bar. There are also other products in the bakeshop which include Max’s Ensaymada, chocolate chiffon cake w/ chocolate fudge icing, banana cakes, food for the gods, caramel cream cakes, and colorful rolls.

Other Bakery / Bakeshop Products like Max's Caramel Bar & Ensaymada

Other Bakery / Bakeshop Products like Max's Caramel Bar & Ensaymada

When it comes to rolls, I purchase from the usual leading bakeshops so I haven’t tried theirs. Maybe soon. I’m curious as to how it is at par with the other leading bakeshops. 🙂

Valentine Promotions

In recognition of the Valentine season, Max’s Corner Bakery has recently launched specially garnished valentine-cupcakes with eye-candy layers of sweet confections for the sweet-toothed customers.

Max's Corner Bakery Valentine's Day Promotions

Max's Corner Bakery Valentine's Day Promotions

Max's Corner Bakery

Max's Corner Bakery

They ares also having a promo where for a minimum purchase of P1,500 from February 12 to February 14, Max’s diners will receive a box of chocolates for free to make you feel the ‘sarap kapiling‘ tagline. This is valid for dine-in, take-out or delivery.

Check out http://www.maxschicken.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/maxsrestaurant for more details on thier cupcakes and Max’s Corner Bakery.