Goldilocks Prepares Lenten Dishes

No meat this Lent? Choose from Goldilock’s various meatless dishes to enjoy this Lenten season.

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No Meat? No Problem!

Are you a vegetarian? Or perhaps taking part of Lent by going meatless in your daily intake of food until the Holy Week?

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Goldilocks Adds New Fish Bistik Meal for Lent

March is almost over and April is about to start. Aside from the summer heat, the Lenten season is also coming. This is specially relevant to a Catholic country such as the Philippines.

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Heaven & Eggs: Heavenly Seafood for Lent

Being a dominantly Catholic nation, Filipinos in general abstain from eating meat this Lenten season. As it may be a challenge for most, here are some seaffood suggestion from Heaven & Eggs as they introduce new heavenly seafood fares which range from light and healthy snacks to inventive main courses.

Heaven & Eggs takes on the classic American street grub, Fish n’ Chips into something exciting. The Fish n’ Chips (P299), with its premium Cream Dory fillets in beer batter, are deep fried and served with tangy tartar sauce dip.


Eat to your heart’s content with the generous serving of Heaven & Eggs’ Pan Seared Cream Dory Fillet in Beurre Blanc sauce for only P310.

They also offer the Shrimp Sandwich P295 (top photo), delectable fresh cubes of shrimps filling prepared with the freshest lettuce and crunchy cucumber in soft French baguettes.

Both light meals come with a choice of house fries or shoe string fries.

For a more delectable and fulfilling meal, you can try the Tuna Fusilli and Pan Seared Cream Dory with Mango Sauce.


Take pleasure in a light and healthy Tuna Fusilli with parmesan-laden French baguette at Heaven & Eggs for P285

Moreover, the Tuna Fusilli has huge chunks of tuna sautéed in olive oil, garlic, slices of black olives and fresh tomato strips, seasoned with Heaven & Egg’s special seasoning. It is also served with French baguette topped with parmesan cheese. Lastly. the seared Cream Dory fillet glazed with whisked butter and mango puree, are served in generous portions with buttered marble potatoes and broccoli in Italian seasoning.

In time for April’s Lent season, Heaven & Eggs Glorietta 4 in Makati City is offering these seafood snacks and dishes for the whole month of April!

Pizza for Lent: Angel’s Shrimp & Margherita PIzza

Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Lent is just a week away! Aside from the fact that Filipinos are again anticipating a long vacation courtesy of the Philippine holidays 2013, the religious are also observing certain traditions including veering away from eating meat.

And Angel’s Pizza has prepared something interesting for their clientele for this season - Garlic Shrimp Pizza and Margherita Pizza!

The new Garlic Shrimp Pizza is oozing with mozzarella cheese with a spread of real shrimp. The combination might not be the usual but its surely worth a try specially for seafood pizza lovers.

The medium size pizza is P329; the family size is P470 and big family is P556.

Shrimp on a bed of mozarella cheese

Shrimp on a bed of mozarella cheese

Ange;'s Pizza - Garlic Shrimp

Angel’s Pizza – Garlic Shrimp

The second one got the better of the health-conscious me – the Margherita Pizza! Perhaps due to the basil leaves, this classic Italian pizza was customized the Angel’s Pizza way. It’s cheaper than the Garlic Shrimp pizza as well. 😛

Be sure to have it hot out-of-the-oven for your ultimate enjoyment of the crispy crust. The medium size Margarita pizza is P297; the family size is P416 and big family is P491.

Angel's Margherita Pizza

Angel’s Margherita Pizza

Moreover, you might as well check out the new variants of the calzone and the soon-to-be-released Angel’s Pizza Club Card.

Angel's Pizza Club Card and a New Calzone Variant

Angel’s Pizza Club Card and a New Calzone Variant

 Try these new two pizza flavors and more and have them delivered this Lenten season by calling the Angel’s Pizza delivery hotline 922-2222.


Max’s Restaurant: Heartwarming Flavors For Lent *

It’s the season of Lent once again. For Catholics like myself, it is the time of prayer and fasting. And by fasting, this means we should not indulge on meat. Max’s Restaurant, the House that Fried Chicken Built, recently brought its classic Filipino flavors into new and lighter dishes for the Lenten Season. Launched last February 29, I was lucky to be part of the first group to try these sumptuous healthy meals.

Bobby Simborio, Corporate Communications Officer for Max’s Group of Companies

Bobby Simborio, Corporate Communications Officer for Max’s Group of Companies

At Max’s we understand that Lent is a special time for Filipinos. This has inspired us to create our lightest and the most scrumptious fare for lent. These dishes are bursting with flavors, married with the homegrown classic taste that Filipinos love – its a certified gustatory experience for everyone,” says Mr. Bobby Simborio, Max’s Corporate Communications Officer for Max’s Group of Companies as he introduced their latest offering for the lenten season.

As we were the “certified” to first try out these dishes, I was already excited just seeing their posters. My taste buds were ready to check them out. I was intrigued and they didn’t fail me.

Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu

Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu

Max’s Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu

They served the Max’s Adobong Kangkong Stuffed Tofu (Php150) first. As a tofu lover, it is given that I would love this dish but its fresh Kangkong leaves did all the trick in making it a lot better. The shiitake and button mushrooms completed the fare while drizzled in sweet adobo sauce. This would be appreciated by both vegetable or non-vegetable eaters. It’s also a sweet alternative to the sizzling tofu in Max’s menu.

Max’s Cauliflower Puffs

The next one is quite deceiving for the picky young eaters and meat lovers. Max’s Cauliflower Puffs (Php160) may look like a simple puff with crispy stuff inside, but there is a cauliflower dipped in special batter. The vegetable is not immediately visible because it is deep fried and comes up with a special sauce.

The kids who were present during the event didn’t even notice the taste of the cauliflower. I enjoyed this dish because I absolutely love eating veggies. It’s crunchiness was also enjoyable.

Cauliflower Puffs

Cauliflower Puffs

Max’s Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce

The last dish was so intriguing that it already got me thinking about its taste before they served it. Max’s Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce (Php265) is so delicious, I stuffed my plate just as much I could consume. It’s made of breaded cream dory, shrimp and deep fried squid rings served with a special sweet sauce, honey and piquant bagoong. It’s a must try for seafood aficionados. I was actually looking for the bagoong taste, but the honey overpowers its saltiness.

Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce

Sizzling Seafood in Honey Bagoong Sauce

Max's Fried Chicken

Max's Fried Chicken

And of course, we were served with the famous Max’s Chicken.

* Story and photos by Contributor Ria Hazel C. Lumandog of

Try out these heartwarming dishes for lent that are truly divine. 🙂 You may also check out The Lenten Dishes are now available in all Max’s Restaurants nationwide since yesterday, March 1, 2012.

Figaro Lenten Specials

The Holy Week has traditionally started in the Philippines with Palm Sunday being yesterday. Here are Figaro‘s lenten special offerings for their customers to keep them satisfied without the guilt. 🙂

Kani Sandwich

Figaro’s Kani Sandwich is filled with yummy crab sticks and garnished with lettuce and tomatoes in potato bread. Although the bread quality could still be improved, I love the generous serving of crabsticks in between. More than that, it tastes really good and satisfying with the light mayo dressing packing ’em all together.

At P179, it is served with a salad  of lettuce and ripe tomatoes on the side (again) which is different from the one with the crab sticks to further compliment the filling.

Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta

Figaro Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta

Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta

The chili is actually light, which is good for me. Figaro’s Angel Hair Pasta is mixed with Spanish sardines sauteed in garlic, olive oil, dried chili flakes, onions and black olives. Tossed in angel hair pasta., it is further garnished with finely-chopped parsley and Parmesan cheese. All the  ingredients and its flavors make the whole serving a little complicated to the taste but they all blend well together for that sophisticated taste.

The saltiness of the fish melts with the sour and salty taste of the black olives exploding in flavors of the spices, onions, garlic and chili flakes,” says an article I read. At P180, it is served with 2 toast bread on the side and a choice of beverage from Figaro coffee or the new Figaro’s Summer Frosts.

Kani Sandwich

Figaro Kani Sandwich

However, in the end, I’m not really a fan of Sardines so  I still prefer the Kani Sandwich. 🙂 Both are shareable enough with the Kani sandwich being served as a pair of triangular slices.

Figaro is going “Light for Life” with their Lenten special snacks that is Kani Sandwich and Chili Sardine Angel Hair Pasta.


Little Asia Restaurant Opens Doors During Lent

Contrary to the usual business practice of closing shop during commercially low-profile holidays such as the holy week, Little Asia Restaurant will remain open even during Holy Thursday and Good Friday.

Little Asia Restaurant

Little Asia Restaurant

We are open 365 days a year“, adds Charlemagne Lim, Little Asia Restaurant Manger.

Their food service starts 11am until midnight. They currently have three (3) branches in Metro Manila namely Tomas Morato in Quezon City, Promenade Mall in Greenhills (San Juan), and the new Venice Piazza Mall in McKinley Hill (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig).

For the lent season, you can have Little Asia’s Crispy Codfish and Steamed Minced Shrimp Tofu as shown in the photos.

Little Asia Restaurant's Crispy Codfish

Little Asia Restaurant's Crispy Codfish

If you plan to stay home and can’t go to their branches, you may inquire to check if your area is covered by their delivery.

Little Asia's Steamed Minced Shrimp Tofu

Little Asia's Steamed Minced Shrimp Tofu

Contact Little Asia Restaurant at telephone numbers (632) 727-5265,  (632) 727-5785, (632)3730609. Have a long, holy, and stomach-filled holiday weekend!