Yummy Magazine Blogger Contest!

Early this month, Yummy launched a blog contest for food bloggers where they would be giving to life to any of the recipes published in this month’s issue.

Yummy Magazine released the following mechanics:

* Each blogger is invited to try any of the recipes featured in Yummy’s May issue and blog about it. Attach the cover photo of the recipe at the end of the entry.

Yummy May 2010 Issue

Yummy May 2010 Issue

* They should share what made them choose the recipe they are blogging about and how the experience was. Photos are highly encouraged.

* Each entry must have the following:
(1.) Cover image (May issue)
(2.)mention of www.yummy.ph
(3.)Mention Yummy’s Twitter and Facebook accounts (facebook.com/yummymagazine and twitter.com/yummyph)

* A contestant may submit up to 3 entries each

* They should email their entries (blog entry URL only) with the subject line My Yummy Adventure to fran.haw<at>summitmedia.com.ph or georgia.delosreyes<at>summitmedia.com.ph

* The winning entry will win a 6 months subscription of Yummy Magazine plus Php2,000 worth of Mr.Jones‘s Gift Certificate!

Yummy Magazine Blogger Contest

Yummy Magazine Blogger Contest

The Yummy Blogger’s contest is ongoing until May 31, 2010.