And the Jamba Juice Beverage Voucher-Pair Winners

After 2 weeks, 9480 entries, 70++ participants and 70++ comments, we have identified the 3 winners of the pair of Jamba Juice Beverage Vouchers through Rafflecopter online random raffle tool.

They are:

  • Entry #7751 Almira P.
  • Entry #6618 Kristine J.
  • Entry #7068 Alston C.
Jamba Juice Winners

Jamba Juice Winners

This is actually for announcement purposes only. The list of the Jamba Juice Beverages winners is also reflected in the Rafflecopter widget of the original contest post. Winners shall be contacted via their Facebook profiles on record today. The Jamba Juice  Beverage Vouchers will be shipped tomorrow July 18, 2012 and delivered within their Metro Manila address as per mechanics and term & conditions.

Jamba Juice Beverage Vouchers

Jamba Juice Beverage Vouchers

Thank you to all who joined and sponsor Jamba Juice Philippines! If you want to join more contests, there’s another ongoing Auto-Gard Car Care Products giveaway here!

“Enjoy While It’s Here” Winners of MIC Blogwriting Contest

Early last month, Magnolia Ice Cream announced a blog writing contest here to promote their Holidays Limited Edition flavors.

We express out gratitude for your positive response and to those who helped promote the contest to their friends and networks. We also had to extend the contest from Christmas to the first week of January to give chance to those on vacation or those coming home from the provinces during the holidays. Nonetheless, together with this extension is an upgrade of the prizes. The first prize was increased from P2,000 to P3,000. The second and third prizes were also upgraded.

In total, Magnolia Ice Cream is giving away P6,500 worth of gift certificates (GCs) to our Top 3 placers. And as promised, the winners will be announced today.

It was no easy task for the judges from Magnolia and NomNom Club to score the entries as most of them are outstanding and made us want to get some ice cream as well. It was good that we were in the San Miguel Corp office when we had our first meeting and deliberation of the entries. It was easy to have some servings of Magnolia ice cream around. 🙂

The scores were completed and averaged based on the contest criteria:

Creativity and Writing Style – 50%
Originality, Grammar & Adherence to Theme – 20%
Photo Quality and Relevance – 20%
Overall Impact – 10%

Some entries were very creative but suffered from grammatical errors while some were also affected with the photos they used (remember the mechanics stated early on that it should be yours and does not infringe any copyright).

Fast forward to today and without further adieu, the winners are:

First Place (90%) – “Head Over Heels with Magnolia’s Limited Edition Apple Strudel Ice Cream
– by Mona of Eyes on Manila (

"Head Over Heels with Magnolia Ice Cream..."

"Head Over Heels with Magnolia Ice Cream..."

Second Place (85.5%) – “Enjoy While It’s Here
– by Vivian of Trips & Falls (

Enjoy While It's Here

Enjoy While It's Here

I Love Magnolia Ice Cream

I Love Magnolia Ice Cream

Third Place (85%) – “My Magnolia Ice Cream Experience: Enjoy while it’s here
– by Gerald of I Love Magnolia Ice Cream (

Third Place (85%) – “Magnolia Ice Cream New Limited Edition Flavors -Enjoy While It’s Here!
– by Marie of Anything Under the Sun (

Magnolia Ice Cream Limited Edition

Magnolia Ice Cream

Congratulations to the first placer! You will receive P3,000 worth of MIC gift certificates while the second placer will receive P2,000 MIC GCs.  You read it right, there are two who tied at 3rd place so each of them will receive P750 worth of MIC GCs. You will receive an email in the addresses you provided in the comment section within this week.

But wait, there’s more!” 🙂 To the fourth to ninth placers, you automatically get exclusive invitation to an upcoming Magnolia Ice Cream product party to be held by end of February 2011. Details to be announced by mid-Feb in this blog as well.

Again, congratulations to the winners and thank you to all for participating in this Magnolia Ice Cream Holiday Limited Edition flavors blog-writing contest.

Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven Photo Contest Winners Revealed

Fifty-two photo entries, three weeks, and one engaging photo contest – this is how we describe Red Ribbon’s Chocolate Heaven cake online contest.

After launching their newest uber-chocolatey cake, Red Ribbon immediately announced the start of Chocolate Heaven cake photo contest looking for the photo that “best expresses how chocolatey the cake is.” Check out the mechanics and article.

One week after the end of the online contest last March 10, 2010, 5 judges from Red Ribbon was able to come up with the top 3 best photos. They had a hard time as there were a lot of very good entries!

Red Ribbon would like to thank all those 52 heavenly entries for participating.

Without further adieu, the winners are:

1st – Jenniffer Go’s “Choco Fingers
2nd – Rose Declaro Obias’ “Heavenly Sinful
3rd – Camille Zaballa’s “Gusto Ko Pa!

Congratulations to the winners!

1st – Jenniffer Go’s “Choco Fingers”

Jenniffer Go's "Choco Fingers"

Jenniffer Go's "Choco Fingers" : Mama told me to never play with my food, but I guess we can make an exemption with Red Ribbon's Chocolate Heaven Cake...

2nd – Rose Declaro Obias’ “Heavenly Sinful”

Rose Declaro Obias' "Heavenly Sinful"

Rose Declaro Obias' "Heavenly Sinful" : To an innocent child, this sinful yummy treat from Red Ribbon is heavenly. To him, he is in Chocolate Heaven with his every bite.

3rd – Camille Zaballa’s “Gusto Ko Pa!”

Camille Zaballa's "Gusto Ko Pa!"

Camille Zaballa's "Gusto Ko Pa!" : I never knew what heaven was until mommy introduced me to Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven. Ooh baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh heaven is a place on earth.

The grand winner receives P3000 worth of Red Ribbon gift certificates, the second placer receives P2000 worth of Red Ribbon gift certificates while the third gets P1000 worth of GCs.

They will be contacted/emailed for their addresses where the gift certificates will be couriered anywhere in the Philippines.

For those who wants to join another contest, check out this Havaianas Flip-Flop USB giveaway!

Continue to enjoy the heavenly Red Ribbon Chocolate Heaven cake!

Nomnom Club’s Thank You Day Photo Contest Finalists

Woot! Thank you to all who participated in my Thank You Day Photo Contest Promo a few weeks ago! This is actually a back post as I was very busy lately. Nonetheless, the 5 Nomnom Club finalists and winners are:

  • Thank You Mama! by
  • “I am doing this for Mama, this is how I will show my love for her. She doesn’t deserve any other disappointment. She only deserve happiness. So please God, MAKE THIS HAPPEN.”

  • How do you spread the sweetness of gratitude? by Mamuyac.Multiply
  • “I can’t find the right words to say to my baby Charles but “thank you” on how he made my life an exciting and worthy journey that it is today.”

  • An Entry … by
  • “I want the world to know how grateful I am to God for giving me such cool and loving parents.”

  • My Entry… by Misha
  • “I am thankful for my best friends who have always been there for me through the good times & the bad.”

  • Spread The Sweetness… by NextJam
  • “I’ll be showing you how to be appreciated through my passion in Toy Photography.”

    Thank You Day

I wish you guys the best and hopefully Toblerone would be able to select one of you in their top 3 winners from among all the finalists from the online community! Cheers!

Nonetheless, by being finlaists in my contest, all you five automatically receives Thank You Toblerone Gift Packs! You will be informed via email as to how to claim these items.

Thank you also to GeiserMaclang and Toblerone for hosting this contest.

For more information on the National Thank You Day, visit HERE