NIPS Creamy Tiramisu? Why Not!

Wow! Our well-loved colorful candy coated chocolate we’ve known since childhood now come in creamy tiramisu flavor – Nips Creamy Tiramisu! Continue reading →

URC is Now on TikTok Shop, Bringing Consumers Closer to Delightful Products

Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has expanded their e-commerce availability with the opening of its TikTok Shop @urcphilippines. Continue reading →

C2 1.5 Liters To Share!

In this season of giving and sharing, it is most apt for Universal Robina Corp (URC) to introduce the bigger C2 Cool and Clean Green Tea 1.5L – fit for sharing!

With the familiar refreshing taste of C2, you can now share with family and friends the health-giving goodness of green tea. With the number of parties and dinner celebrations this Christmas, running out of C2 is not a problem anymore.  A single C2 Green Tea 1.5L can serve upto 7 glasses and is priced at  P31.50 (SRP) per bottle.

C2 is brewed from 100% natural green tea leaves and packed with health benefits. It’s also bottled on the same day to lock-in the freshness. C2 flavor variants are Apple, Lemon, Orange, Classic and Sugar-free Apple variants.