Tipco Fruit Juices Hold Wellness Day

In a recent press conference, Tipco 100% Fruit Juices held a Wellness Day at Icings in Tomas Morato.

Mona Chua

Mona Chua, VP for Sales, TXN

The Wellness Day involved sharing of juices’ health benefits and how this impacts our daily lives. It also discussed how we should incorporate drinking of real fruit juices to help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart-related ailments.

Dra. Jocelyn Margelino, a registered nutritionist and dietician from a prestigious hospital in the country, gave a short lecture about today’s lifestyles and it’s affect on our well-being.

…follow a simple regimen of rights: sleeping right, feeling right, exercising right, and eating right.  A glass of natural fruit and veggie juice gives you significant daily doses of fiber, vitamins and minerals.” says Margelino.

Some statistics and facts:

  • 70% of the leading causes of death are related to lifestyle choices according to the FNRI
  • WHO estimates that by 2010, cancer will be the leading cause of death globally
  • Philippine Cancer Society estimates that 80% of cancers can be prevented
Tipco Fruit Juices

Tipco 100% 32 Veggie & Mixed Fruit Juice (left) and Gojiberry & Mixed Fruit (right)

In reaction to this, they promote drinking of unadulterated fruit & veggie juice. But since juicing fresh greens and fruits are tedious, this is where Tipco 100% fruit juices come into the picture.

The Transaxion Unlimited Corp. (TXN) team has launched a healthy and nutritious fruit and veggie packed beverage- Tipco 100% 32 Veggie & Mixed Fruits Juice and 100% Gojiberry Juice. This is in addition to its 22 juice blend variety introduced a few years back and still available in the market today.

“32 Veggies & Mixed Fruit Juice along with Gojiberry Juice will surely satisfy one’s dietary and taste bud needs because the ingredients are amusingly put together to make each variant naturally good down to the last drop.” shared Kerwin Wong, CEO of TXN.

Event host was Ms. Meg Entrata. TXN VP for Sales Ms. Mona Chua also shared some facts about Tipco.

Tipco Fruit Juice Officials

Transaxion Unlimited Corp. - Kerwin Wong (leftmost), Mona Chua (2nd from right)

Other variants of Tipco juices include Spinach & Mixed Fruit with Wheatgrass Juice, Broccoli & Mixed Fruit Juice, Aloe Vera & White Grape Juice, and Beetroot & Mixed Fruit Juice. The special packing system also allows the juices to have all the nutritious benefits, but without harmful preservatives. Found in major stores and supermarkets, Tipco Juices are sold in 1L and 200ml sizes.

Tipco 100% Fruit Juices 200ml

Tipco 100% Fruit Juices 200ml

I have tried Purple Carrot, 32 Veggie, and Cranberry juice that day (and the Aloe Vera sometime ago); The Aloe Vera remains to be my favorite and the 32 Veggie gets a new thumbs up from NomNom. 🙂

You mayvisit www.tipco.net or call 353-2878 for more information.  Tipco Fruit Juices can also be reached through email: jaclo_txn@yahoo.com.