Starbucks in the Philipppines turn 13 Today

Today, Starbucks marks its 13th year of presence in the Philippines. Its first branch of Starbucks in the Philippines opened December 4, 1997 at 6750 Ayala Building in Makati City.

The 1997 opening of Starbucks in the Philippines was significant as it became the third market to open outside of  North America.

The Starbucks experience has since spread throughout the Philippines. In fact, it’s first branch in Mindanao has opened just last month in the province of Cagayan De Oro (CDO).  Starbucks continues to innovate with new concoctions and products such as their latest introduction of the Starbucks VIA Brew instant coffee. They have also released their Starbucks Planner 2011. They are also having the rounds for their Christmas Starbucks Cheers Party around the Philippines.

And as a Starbucks treat to it’s loyal customers, all branches of Starbucks in the Philippines are giving away complimentary cupcakes to it’s first 50 customers in each branch today. Happy Anniversary Starbucks!