News Bite: Wendy’s S&R Shaw Branch Opens

Wendy's S&R Shaw

Wendy’s S&R Shaw

Do you know the old Cherry Foodarama along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong? It’s now an S&R Shopping Center! And the better news for foodies is that a new Wendy’s Hamburger branch is near its entrance facing the Shaw Boulevard road – it’s the Wendy’s S&R Shaw branch.

Since it’s a new branch of Wendy’s, loyal customers could expect the new look of Wendy’s stores in the Philippines incorporating the new simpler and straightforward logo as you might have seen in it’s new branches since early this year.

Wendy's S&R Shaw Boulevard

Wendy’s S&R Shaw Boulevard

Wendy's Interiors

Wendy’s Interiors



New Wendy's Red Cups! (Not Just for Christmas!)

New Wendy’s Red Cups! (Not Just for Christmas!)

New Wendy’s Food Packaging

Did you love Wendy’s traditional yellow cups with it’s old red logo in the middle? Would you happen to still have some of ’em? Hold on to it as it will soon be a collector’s item!

Its cups and cartons have joined the bandwagon of getting a new look – welcome the very red Wendy’s packaging!

It’s sooo red you won’t miss it. 😛 The change is patterned after it’s international master franchise to be implemented in all its branches as well. And mind you. it’s not just for the Christmas season.

New Wendy's Hamburger Packaging

Wendy’s Hamburger Packaging! 

So for the Wendy’s aficionados from the middle earth middle of Metro Manila – a.k.a. Mandaluyong – you have the new Wendy’s S&R Shaw along Shaw Boulevard to satisfy your Wendy’s Hamburger cravings!