MasterChef Pinoy Edition: 7 Ingredients to Watch Out for

Late morning shows of ABS-CBN currently lines up Kris TV, Please Be Careful with My Heart, and Showtime. Starting today – November 12 – a new ingredient will be added with the first kusina-serye MasterChef Pinoy Edition.

MasterChef Grocery / Sari-sari Store/ Stock Room

MasterChef Grocery / Sari-sari Store/ Stock Room

The MasterChef Pinoy Edition will be hosted Ms. Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo, Chefs Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico, and Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo who are reprising their roles as host and judges from the previous Junior MasterChef Pinoy Edition.

The newest version of the popular cooking reality show will give ordinary people from different generations, places, and economic backgrounds a chance to showcase their cooking prowess and overcome life’s challenges to reach their dreams.

Now, here are the 7 ingredients to watch-out for in the new MasterChef Pinoy Edition:

1) Judy Ann Santos

Undeniably, teleserye queen Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo (top photo) is the key ingredient on making this show a success. From the trailer that I saw in the recent presscon, Judy Ann’s hosting style and her capability to relate to the lives of the MasterChef aspirants brought about what the show intended to.



2) Kusina-Serye Twist

One major factor local cooking-show followers would notice with the Pinoy MasterChef show is the heightened focus on the personal lives and emotional relationships of the cooking aspirants.

Yes, it is a deviation from the usual franchise format of the MasterChef you see in cable. Hence, it was also placed in the time slot just before lunch mainly to target the home-based mother and female audience. So don’t be surprised if you see them crying while cooking.

As much as it was a surprise to me, I think this is ABS-CBN’s way of making it suit more to the Filipino taste by touching their hearts at the same time appealing to the palate.

3) Expert Chefs

Chef Judges Chefs Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico, and Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo

Chef Judges Chefs Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico, and Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo

Having proven themselves that they can also do wonders beyond the kitchen and into the tube, Chef Fernando “Ferns” Aracama, Chef Rolando “Lau” Laudico, and Chef JP “Jayps” Anglo are are back!

Unmistakably, they lend the expertise on the show’s main subject of cooking as they sample and critique the dishes.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box

4) Fierce Competition

They ain’t kids anymore. Considering the adult participants, the chef judges said they will now be tougher with their judgement and straight to the point in their comments.

The screening of MasterChef hopefuls is expected to be filled with thrill and drama as Judy Ann, Chef Ferns Aracama, Chef Lau, and Chef Jayps will be more stringent and honest with higher expectations. They also expect the chef amateurs to reason out or defend their dishes.

“The challenges will definitely be harder. We will be more blunt in giving comments. To be a good chef, one needs to endure all the hardships.” says Juday.

5) P1 million

The emerging winner who will be able to prove himself or herself in the kitchen will become the very first Pinoy MasterChef and take home P1 million.

MasterChef Pinoy Edition Kitchen Studio

MasterChef Pinoy Edition Kitchen Studio

6) Reality Show

Reality Show

Reality Show

More than being a cooking show, MasterChef Pinoy Edition will give viewers a taste of ‘reality’ by housing the finalists under one roof. With a hint of ‘Pinoy Big Brother,’ the aspiring cooks will will have to blend with others, foster new bonds and conflicts, and experience success and defeat with each other.

Moreover, there will be a showcase of easy-to-prepare Filipino recipes, cooking demos, and home management and health tips.

7) MasterChef Saturdish Edition

Watch out for Melai Cantiveros and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 housemates Joj and Jai Agpangan on MasterChef Saturdish Edition as they embark on fun food adventures.

Join them as they discover and whip up extraordinary dishes as well as give out cooking tips and trivia.

MasterChef Pinoy Edition on Nov 12

Catch MasterChef Pinoy Edition on Nov 12

Get updates from, @MasterChefPHL on Twitter, and website Catch the premiere of MasterChef Pinoy Edition later at 1030am (Monday, Nov 12) before “Be Careful with My Heart” on ABS-CBN’s Umaganda block.