Max’s Merienda Mix and Rainy Days

It was a rainy day in Manila last weekend when my girlfriend and I purposely went to Max’s Greenbelt 3 upon Max’s invitation for the online media launch of their Php 95 Max’s Merienda Mix. It was a challenge but we knew it would be worthwhile and fun-filled. We were not mistaken.

Max's Restaurant Team with WIlma Doesnt

Max’s Restaurant Team with WIlma Doesnt

Celebrity and program host Wilma Doesnt was already pumping-up the food blogger crowd when we arrived and the event just started. If you still remember, Lynn Ching alsoo guested for the Max’s Mother’s Day promo last May.

Blogger event niceties aside, Max’s Restaurant presented the main star of the rainy day – Max’s Merienda Mix at only Php 95 in three simple steps: Choose, Add, and Complete.


Start creating your set by selecting from any of the following Max’s Corner Bakery products: Cheese Roll, Ensaimada, or 1/4 Cake slice which can come in any of the following flavors: ube, mocha, mango, chocolate, and jelly.


For the next step, choose a Filipino-inspired main Max’s Classic Merienda dish which would complement well with your Max’s Corner Bakery product. Go Filipino with a small serving of the traditional Max’s Pancit Canton or the rich taste of Pancit Luglog plain. But since it was a stormy day, I choose the third option – the petite champorado (chocolate porridge) with milk


Finally, add the beverage of your choice from regular Pepsi in glass , brewed coffee, or the Filipino-sweet-fancy drink Sago’t Gulaman. I had to pass-up all three however and opted for a glass of hot water because I was feeling a bit under the weather. :p

Max's Classic Merienda's Pancit Canton with 1/4 Sliced Ube Cake

Max’s Classic Merienda’s Pancit Canton with 1/4 Sliced Ube Cake

Fly to the US Promo

Max’s also announced their generous promo where they are giving away 5 pairs of US airfare tickets to 5 lucky raffle winners to all customers availing of the P95 Max’s Merienda Mix promotion.

Surprisingly, it includes accommodations for two and pocket money to go along with it; plus a surprise concert! What more can you ask for?

Lastly, if you’ll add up the bakery product, a main dish, and a beverage, it can sum up to as much as P194 which means the P95 Max’s Merienda Meal Mix promo can save you up as much as P99.

Max's Pancit Luglog with Cheese Roll

Max’s Pancit Luglog with Cheese Roll

Our Max’s Corner Bakery Reached Singapore

Max's Corner Bakery Goodies

Max’s Corner Bakery Goodies

Immediately the next day, my girlfriend and I were on board a plane bound for Singapore and decided to give Max’s Bakery Corner goodies as pasalubong (traveler’s gift) to the honorable Philippine Ambassador to Singapore Minda Calaguian-Cruz whom we will visit at the Philippine Embassy in Singapore. We have been thinking about something Filipino to give her this past few days and something from a known reputable Filipino brand such as Max’s was a good choice.

By the time you are reading this, the Max’s Corner Bakery goods might have well been consumed. So anyway, back in the Philippines, try the new Max’s Merienda Mix every 2pm-4pm until September 16, 2012. :p


The Peninsula Manila turns 33; Halo-Halo at P33

The Peninsula Manila turns 33 this Monday, Sept. 14, since it started in 1976. They decided to commemorate their roots by going back to it. The old prices, that is.

From 12:01pmam to 11:59pm, The Lobby of The Peninsula Manila brings back the prices of their signature Halo-halo Harana to P33 only – just as it was way back then!

Other than their Halo-halo Harana, they are including Pancit Luglog, and Schueblig from its menu as these three represent the hotel’s iconic items. Nomnomnom!

Halo-halo Harana, Pancit Luglog, and Schueblig has been offered in the Hotel since 1976. You could say that these are their classics.

“It’s what keeps our patrons coming back year after year. It’s actually an extensive list but we wanted to keep things simple so we decided to trim it down to something more manageable.” adds hotel food and beverage director, Laurent le Deu.

Pleas do take note thought that:

The Lobby 1976 Price Rollback promotion accepts reservations but will be on a first-come/first serve basis. Added conditions to the promotion: drinks and items not on the rollback list will be regularly priced; transactions will not accept marketing tie-up discounts, there will be no takeout; all three items must be ordered and consumed at The Lobby, and orders will not be shared.

News Source:

Thanks to Arvin for the heads up.

Sept 14 12:01am Update: I just called up Manila Pen and there are a number of people right now (start of the  promo). The one who answered also confirmed that there is no phone reservation as of that moment and solely on fist-come, first-serve basis. The P33 halo-halo would total to about P40 including tax and service charge.

Manila Peninsula

Manila Peninsula

*Halo-halo photo is not actual product. For illustration purposes only.

Reserve now! For any inquiries on The Peninsula Manila P33 promo, you can reach them at, 887 2888 extension 6694 or email