Nomnomnom:  (nom-nom-nom)
noun – an expression of eating; thereby creating a sound.

Nomnom Club is born out of love for dining and trying out a variety of edible and drinkable creations that nourishes the physical body and comforts the soul.

Nomnom Club


Nomnom the Foodie

Food. Yes, this is a food blog which is endorsed by its resident foodie named Nomnom. If you check out the blog title banner, he is partially peeping over the font characters. 🙂 He is still shy as of now, but promises to completely  show himself in public 31 days from now. The blog started 09-09 and he’s coming out by 10-10.  🙂

He loves checking out the different restaurants, coffee shops, pasta places, grills, doughtnut shops, fast-food joints, café, hideaways, pizzerias, bars, and the latest food spots in town. Food Blog Food Blog

He enjoins himself in the foodie photos whenever he gets the chance. He is also a distant cousin of Sago from the travel & food blog who pops about the travel photos.

Nomnom Club

Nomnom Club

Nomnom Club

Nomnomclub also envisions itself to evolve into a membership-type of food-lovers’ organization in due time, hence the ‘club‘ suffix.

For now, allow Nomnom to share with you his awesome future food adventures!