Introducing The “New Brews” Category!

I have observed that there are a lot of new dining spots and restaurants popping up in the metro. Either that or the restaurant is reinventing itelf!

Fresh Brews, New Restaurants

Fresh Brews, New Restaurants

In recognition of this trend, I have decided to introduce a new category in – “New Brews.” It’s a special category in the sense that new restaurants featured in this food blog which have opened 6 months or less would be classified under this category. It would be under the parent category “Cravings.” 🙂

Rhyming and all, new dishes introduced by old shops would also fall under this tab.

I’m already excited to feature them as I have a number of “backblogs” which has been waiting to be published. 🙂

Watch out for the affordable comfort food of newbie griller ChicBoy, cheesy eats with awesome beats at Gino’s, the newest pasta offerings from Greenwich, the new look of Barrio Fiesta Greenhills, and another side of Barrio Fiesta for today’s generation – Ibayo!

It would be a two-full weeks of new must-try resto finds! Don’t miss a “new brew“  feature, subscribe to NomNom Club’s feed here and like our NomNomClub Facebook Fanpage.