On Halal Food Products

Being a non-Muslim, I am guilty of not really knowing enough Halal foods, or which products are Halal certified and the likes. Perhaps I didn’t care enough about it then.

But being a travel and foodie blogger, I would eventually come across Muslim communities and it would be truly helpful for me to know their culture and food practices including observation of Halal certified products of which this article is going to be about.

Wikipedia says that Halal is an Arabic term pertaining to food permissible according to Islamic law. The Muslim’s religion – Islam, implements laws that indicate which foods can or cannot be eaten based on their perception of ‘clean‘ animals. This include proper ways of slaughtering an animal for consumption. In general, the Muslims don’t consume anything with pork or the derivatives thereof.

Halal Food Products

Halal Food Products

You might want to check this Halal products guide. As mentioned earlier, I never really knew which products are Halal or otherwise and it caught me by surprise that there so many common-day products around us which are actually halal certified.

Some of the featured Halal food products are Skyflakes, Eden Cheese, Lucky Me Pansit Canton, Argentina corned beef, Fiorgelato ice cream, and Tang powdered juice.

“It aims to provide updated information to folks interested in purchasing Halal certified products. Links are provided directly to the company website for further information.” according to the website’s about page. Also, get updated on Halal certified food and products in Facebook.

It is indeed good to know about this new site serves as a repository Halal certified food just like a Halal food guide.