Me-Time Moments with Dove Chocolates

No, it’s not yet Valentine’s Day. 🙂 From the makers of long-time loved global brands of chocolates such as M&M’s and Mars comes Dove Chocolates.

Dove Chocolate comes to the Philippines at an opportune time of Christmas fit as gifts of love and care. It also comes in four chocolate variants:

  • Dove® Milk Chocolate (43g)
  • Dove® Dark Chocolate (43g)
  • Dove® Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut, Almond & Raisin (43g)
  • Dove® Chocolate with Crispy Rice (4og)

The plain milk chocolate has the silkiest chocolate among the four. It’s the best seller as well.

The dark chocolate is for those with a little more sophisticated taste which prefers their chocolates dark, like I do. (LOL)  🙂

The other milk chocolate with hazelnut, almond, and raisin comes next to my heart as I love good texture in what I eat.

The last one with crispy rice is a tricky choice as you must make sure you are getting new chocolates. I love rice crispies as well, though. 🙂

Me-Time Moment

Dove Chocolates

Dove Chocolates

My me-time moment is quite simple. It is my habit to eat snacks while browsing sites in front of my netbook in the comforts of my home. So undeniably, my me-time moment is having Dove dark chocolate while surfing my favorite food blogs, travel blogs, and technology blogs. 🙂

All the four silky smooth Dove chocolate variants are now available for P45 at all local supermarkets and convenience stores in the metro.

M&Ms Promo: Earn Points, Get Travel Goodies

Good news for M&M fans! They will be having a promo starting today (July 15, 2010) where M&M’s chocolate consumers can collect as many empty wrappers possible and redeem M&M’S travel accessories.

At stake are travel accessories including the following:

– M&M’S Luggage Tag at 7 points
– M&M’S Sling-Messenger Bag at 40 points
– M&M’S Foldable Pillow at 80 points
– M&M’S Backpack at 130 points

M&M's Fun Travel Promo

Not All M&M’s chocolate are Created Equal

So how does it work? Each variant of M&M’s have corresponding point weights.

Be guided accordingly:

1 point (any of the following):

  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate 40g
  • 1 pc M&M’s peanuts 40g
  • 1 pc M&M’s Crispy 34g
  • 1 pc M&M’s Minis 30.6g
  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate 47.9g

2 points (any of the following) :

  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate 100g
  • 1 cp M&M’s Peanuts 100g

5 points (any of the following):

  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate 200g
  • 1 cp M&M’s Peanuts 200g
  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate 232.5g
  • 1 cp M&M’s Peanuts 232.5g

8 points (any of the following):

  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate Funsize 202.5g
  • 1 cp M&M’s Peanuts Funsize 202.5g
  • 1 pc M&M’s Milk Chocolate Funsize 267.9g
  • 1 cp M&M’s Peanuts Funsize 264.8g

All wrapper and tube must have a Best Before Date of 2010/2011 to be considered valid.

M&M Promo Detailed Mechanics

M&M Promo Detailed Mechanics

The more wrappers you collect, the more points you get. These premiums items, while supplies last, can be redeemed in 135 selected USSI in GMA, North and South Luzon, and Concepts in Action Inc., G/F 92 New York cor. Purdue Sts.,Brgy. E. Rodriguez Sr., Cubao, Quezon City. Redeemption of the wrappers and points for travel accessories can be made from today (July 15) up to October 15, 2010.

For inquiries, you may call M&M’s Fun Travel hotline at +632-709-4847 during business hours.