Can You Guess the Mentos Rainbow Mystery?

It was a quaint afternoon at home last week when a strangely huge and ultra-colorful box was delivered to our new house in Quezon City. It had the ‘Mentos‘ brand, a popular mint candy in the Philippines, boldy printed on it.

Inside the big box were 6 more smaller boxes bearing written riddles on the cover. One of the riddles said: “The sun bakes them, the hand breaks them, the foot treads them, and the mouth tastes them. What are they?

Mentos Rainbow Mystery Box

NomNom Club Foodie Jonel carrying the huge box!

I wasn’t able to answer this one. But opening the box reveals the answer through a related object – in this case, a small violet notebook – which means Grape. There were a total of 6 riddles and objects which revealed the 6 answers representing 6 of the 7 new fruity sensations of Mentos namely grape, raspberry, orange, pineapple, strawberry, green apple, and the mystery flavor.

Mentos Rainbow Mystery Riddles

Mentos Rainbow Mystery Riddles

What's your guess?

What’s your guess?

Mentos Rainbow Mystery

Finally, a longer black box is seemingly hidden at the bottom which contained 6 packs of  the Rainbow variant. The pack contains 2 of each of the flavors mentioned above plus two of the mystery flavor. In total, Mentos Candy enthusiasts will be experiencing 7 exciting fruit flavors in one rainbow roll aptly dubbed “Rainbow Mystery Roll.”

Check out more details at the Mentos Philippines Facebook page: and join in the fun of the Facebook Rainbow Mystery Rollette game app at

The Answer

Rainbow Mystery Roll

Rainbow Mystery Roll

I got to try the Rainbow Mystery Roll and my taste buds found the mystery flavor quite familiar. My initial guess was ‘mangosteen.’ But thinking a bit further, I think I know what it is already. To keep the excitement going, I will not share my answer yet.

How about you, have you tired the Mentos Rainbow Mystery roll and tasted the mystery flavor? What’s your guess / answer? My guess starts with the letter “W.” 🙂