Pizza for Lent: Angel’s Shrimp & Margherita PIzza

Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Garlic Shrimp Pizza

Lent is just a week away! Aside from the fact that Filipinos are again anticipating a long vacation courtesy of the Philippine holidays 2013, the religious are also observing certain traditions including veering away from eating meat.

And Angel’s Pizza has prepared something interesting for their clientele for this season - Garlic Shrimp Pizza and Margherita Pizza!

The new Garlic Shrimp Pizza is oozing with mozzarella cheese with a spread of real shrimp. The combination might not be the usual but its surely worth a try specially for seafood pizza lovers.

The medium size pizza is P329; the family size is P470 and big family is P556.

Shrimp on a bed of mozarella cheese

Shrimp on a bed of mozarella cheese

Ange;'s Pizza - Garlic Shrimp

Angel’s Pizza – Garlic Shrimp

The second one got the better of the health-conscious me – the Margherita Pizza! Perhaps due to the basil leaves, this classic Italian pizza was customized the Angel’s Pizza way. It’s cheaper than the Garlic Shrimp pizza as well. 😛

Be sure to have it hot out-of-the-oven for your ultimate enjoyment of the crispy crust. The medium size Margarita pizza is P297; the family size is P416 and big family is P491.

Angel's Margherita Pizza

Angel’s Margherita Pizza

Moreover, you might as well check out the new variants of the calzone and the soon-to-be-released Angel’s Pizza Club Card.

Angel's Pizza Club Card and a New Calzone Variant

Angel’s Pizza Club Card and a New Calzone Variant

 Try these new two pizza flavors and more and have them delivered this Lenten season by calling the Angel’s Pizza delivery hotline 922-2222.