Magnum Manila is Back @ SM Mall of Asia

They came, they left for a while, and now they’re back!

The “Make Your Own Magnum” craze returns in a new location. From the former SM Aura Premier mall in Taguig, their new location since Dec 19, 2015 is at the 2nd floor of the Mall Atirum in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. Located at the center of the air-conditioned mall, the new Magnum Manila Pop-up Store can be found in front of Uniqlo MOA and across the Zara boutique.

Magnum Manila SM Mall of Asia

Magnum Manila, SM Mall of Asia

Magnum Manila MOA

Pleasure Seekers alert! Your favorite Belgian chocolate indulgence returns as Magnum‘s signature ice cream bars makes a come-back with the latest White Almond which was launched a few months ago.

Keeping true to the pop-up concept of every café, Magnum Manila now focuses on the Magnum-My-Way concept and lets go of the restaurant concept like it had in the previous SM Aura flagship store. Moreover, it will be open for a limited time only, maybe a year or so, give or take a few months. But I believe it will stay, at the very least, until the next holiday season of Dec 2016 or until Philippine Summer 2017.

How to Make Your Own Magnum

Each Make Your Own Magnum experience costs P120 including the signature Magnum bar dipped in Belgian chocolate plus three of your choice toppings from a wife array of 18 options.

  • Step 1: At the counter, Pleasure Seekers select a “naked” Magnum bar of silky Vanilla or rich Chocolate ice cream, as well as a chocolate coat amongst white, milk, or dark chocolate.
    Make Your Own Magnum

    Selecting 3 Toppings for my Make Your Own Magnum

    18 Toppings

    18 Topping Variants to choose from!

  • Step 2: Next, sprinkle your now-coated Magnum bar with toppings that range from classic toppings that you’d expect to compliment any ice cream like marshmallows or crunch balls, special toppings that are a little more luxurious like freeze dried raspberries or pistachios, or experimental toppings that are more adventurous like chili flakes or sea salt flakes. You should not miss our very own “Pastillas” this season!

    Magnum Bar

    Dip Your Magnum Bar in White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Milk Chocolate

  • Step 3: Finally, you drizzle your creation with a choice of white, milk, or dark chocolate, and the store’s Pleasure Maker will top off your creation with an “M” coin. The finished product, a cold Belgian chocolate masterpiece of your own dreaming, is yours to enjoy.
    MOA Magnum Manila


    Magnum Pop-Up Store

    Placing the final “M”

Magnum Manila MOA is a joint project with Selecta and FoodAsia Corp who will be handling the operations and management of the store.

Make Your Own Magnum

Here is the result of my “Make Your Own Magnum”

Magnum Manila Promotions

Aside from the changing 18 dynamic and continually evolving choices of toppings, Magnum Manila MOA will be hosting its first ever #MagnumPleasureHour where consumers have the chance to indulge in a free Make Your Own Magnum bar.

This is set for the next three Fridays and Saturdays – January 22 & 23, January 29 & 30, and February 5 & 6!

Magnum Philippines

What will be you Magnum Creation?

Magnum Manila in SM Mall of Asia

Magnum Manila now in SM Mall of Asia

All they need to do is come to the Magnum Manila MOA store between 6 to 7 PM and share the promo photo found on @Magnum_PH twitter and Instagram to claim their prize. On top of all these, pleasure seekers can look forward to seeing their favorite Magnum Ambassadors drop by the store.

Magnum Manila MOA

Visit Magnum Manila in MOA now!

Magnum Manila

Welcome back Magnum Manila

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Get updates and promotions from the Magnum Manila website and indulge in the ultimate pleasure of making your own Magnum with rich Belgian chocolate at Magnum Manila in Mall of Asia, for a limited time only.

10 Things You Need to Know About Magnum Manila

Magnum Manila

Magnum Manila

The opening of Magnum Manila at SM Aura Premier SkyPark tomorrow is all-abuzz around the metro and in the social media-sphere where those who got first dibs, including NomNom Club, have been sharing their photos online, much to the jaundiced eyes of those who haven’t.

But the day has come, tomorrow, Magnum Manila opens it’s first pop-up ‘pleasure store‘ in the Philippines, following other branches around the world including Paris, Jakarta, Shanghai, Amsterdam and New York, among others.

Magnum Manila Signature Combination

Magnum Manila Signature Combination

Magnum Manila Pleasure Store

Magnum Manila Pleasure Store

Bryan Chanyungco

Mr. Bryan Chanyungco

So before you hit the store in it’s grand opening tomorrow, here are 10 Things You Need to Know About Magnum Manila:

1. Magnum Manila is not a Café

No, it’s not  a cafe, as Magnum Manila brand manager Bryan Chanyungco has confirmed in an interview with NomNom Club.

Strictly, it’s a “Pleasure Pop-Up Store“. It means that their main purpose is to support the brand – Magnum.

It would be open for only a little more than a year and the objective of success is then attained!

Magnum Manila @ SM Aura Premier

Magnum Manila @ SM Aura Premier

2. Dessert Dishes were Crafted by Chef Miko Aspiras

Chef Miko Aspiras

Chef Miko Aspiras

The Magnum concoctions forming all the dessert dishes were crafted by Chef Miko Aspiras, a globally award-winning pastry chef and is currently one of the pastry chefs in a well-known Philippine premier hotel.

3. Food is by Chef Him Uy de Baron

You may consider Magnum Manila a restaurant since aside from the Magnum Ice Cream creations, there are other sumptuous dishes you could order from appetizers to soup and salad to mains.

Some names from the menu include Asian Steak Salad, Pumpkin Soup, Magnum Braised Beef Cheek, and Carbonara.

The entrees are the creations of Chef Him Uy de Baron, the executive chef of Chef Cuisine Catering and owner of Nomama.

Asian Steak Salad

Asian Steak Salad



4. The “Make-Your-Own-Magnum” only costs Php 100

Since Magnum Ice Cream‘s launch about two years ago, the brand has already made it’s mark in the Philippine ice cream industry. And with Magnum Manila, the customer’s experience will be elevated by offering them the chance to create their very own Magnum bar for only Php 100!

Most of your favorite desserts from other restaurants costs more!

5. Step 1 Make-Your-Own-Magnum: “Coat It”

The DIY process starts from the choice of ice cream. Choose between vanilla or chocolate truffle.

After selecting your Magnum ice cream base, you get to “Coat It” by choosing a chocolate coating from white, infinity dark, and classic.

Coat It

Step 1: “Coat It”

6. Step 2 Make-Your-Own-Magnum: “Top It”

To ‘Top It’ is to make you Magnum Bar more exciting by experimenting on 18 different toppings to choose from. You could create more than a hundred thousand combination with all 18 of them!

The default is to add 3 toppings from the varied choices. The toppings include pistachios, almond, chocolate chip cookies, dried raspberries, gold nuggets, and even sea salt or chili flakes for that surprise kick!

18 Toppings

Step 2: “Top it” – 18 Toppings to Choose From

7. Step 3 Make-Your-Own-Magnum: “Drizzle It”

Finally, you get to drizzle your Magnum Creation with the same chocolate choices from the coating section. Select either white, infinity dark, or classic Belgian chocolate.

Drizzle It

Step 3: “Drizzle It”

8. Magnum Manila contemporary architecture and sleek interiors is designed by Ed Calma.

Magnum Manila Pleasure Store

Magnum Pleasure Store @ SkyPark

Magnum Manila Interiors

Magnum Manila Interiors

9.  NomNom Club’s Top Dessert Choice is the Cookie Dough Skillet

The Magnum Manila menu is quite handy but there are a lot of options to order. So to help you make the right choices, allow us to give you NomNom Club’s top choice which we believe you’ll never regret – the Cookie Dough Skillet.

The Cookie Dough Skillet is a warm chocolate chip cookie dough topped with two vanilla Magnum bars, dark chocolate and chopped pecans.

At P250, it has earned to be one of my favorite desserts of all time. It’s also good for sharing!

Other Magnum Manila creations include the Rainbow Dream & Pink Friday.

Rainbow Dream

The “Rainbow Dream”

Pink Friday

The “Pink Friday”

10.  NomNom Club’s Main Dish Recommendations are the Seared Salmon and Mushroom Burger.

For the ‘mains‘, please do try the Seared Salmon with Basil Creme and Chorizo Confit and the Mushroom Burger.

While the Seared Salmon is good for a meal, the Mushroom Burger has that unique meaty texture perfect just before a Magnum Manila dessert creation for snacks.


Seared Salmon with Basil Creme and Chorizo Confit

Mushroom Burger

Mushroom Burger

Free Magnum

Free Magnum

But wait, there’s more!

Free 500 Make Your Own Magnum

Magnum Manila in SM Aura opens its first day with a big crunch! A free crunch for the first 500 customers, so to speak.

They will get their own Make Your Own Magnum dessert creation for FREE!

Be one of the First 500 guests to get a taste of the Make Your Own Magnum experience. Doors officially open at 12NN on Tuesday, April 8 2014. Patrons may physically line up ahead of time (no phone reservations).

1-patron-1-MYO-Magnum-Bar Rule

Magnum Manila Signature Creations

Magnum Manila Signature Creations

Magnum Manila Pleasure Store

Magnum Manila Pleasure Store

Being a pop-up store which will only be open until sometime in 2015, you should then grab the earliest chance to taste the cold and luxurious Belgian chocolate bar of Magnum made the way you want in thousands of possible combinations.

Know more about Manila’s Magnum at, @Magnum_PH on Instagram, and

And considering that the newest Magnum Gold retails for Php60 each in convenience stores, the Magnum Manila P100 DIY Magnum plus 3 toppings in a full dine-in premium store is actually pocket-friendly.

Anticipating Magnum Manila

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