Birth Pains in 2009, Bigaten sa 2010!

Ok, it’s nowehere near physical birthpains, but NomNom Club freshly started September 09, 2009 (09/09/09). And just like giving birth, starting a new blog has it’s own share of quirks and smirks. But thanks to your support, we have managed.

And as we start the new year of 2010, I foresee a bigger and better NomNom Club. 🙂 With more than 70 blog subscribers and more than 100 fans in Facebook and our  Facebook group in barely four months, we are thankful for your appreciation.

We plan to give more servings of your favorite restaurant features in the metro. Sharing recipes is also on our wishlist. Expect more contests as well to make things more exciting for you guys. 🙂

And hopefully, a food tour for our first anniversary on September 2010.

Please do continue to support NomNom and I as we dine and share with you our nomnoms.

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Bigaten sa 2010!

That is NomNom Club’s slogan for this year – ‘Bigaten’ sa 2010! 🙂

Bigaten,’ a conundrum or play of words from ‘bigatin,’ can literally mean ‘to get Big.’

I think this is an apt slogan for the year as it imbibes a positive outlook, plus the fact that this is a food blog where getting physically big is not a far-fetched result. But we’ll make sure to keep watch of our weights to stay healthy. 🙂

Happy New Year!