Top Commenters of the Month (Sep & Oct)

Last September 4, 2010, during the advanced celebration of NomNomClub’s first anniversary at Greenwich in SM North, we announced the regular  monthly contest for the top commenter in this blog.

For this first two months of September and October, I have decided to award it to two for each month, instead of the regular one (1).

A ‘Top Commenter of the Month‘ is someone who is able to place the most number of sensible (related to article and not spam) comments in NomNom Club food blog within the respective month.

For September, the top commenters are JayL Santiago and UP6Only, respectively. They commented on NomNom Club First Anniversary and Kopi Roti Breakfast, among other articles.

September Top Commenters of the Month

September Top Commenters of the Month

For October, the top commenters are Rey Jr. and Iya Santos, respectively. Rey Jr., commented on the list of NomNom’s Emerging Influential Blogs while Iya raved about Gino’s Eats and Beats, among other articles.

October Top Commenters of the Month

October Top Commenters of the Month

As your prize I would like to invite all four of you to a pizza and pasta lunch at Angel’s Pizza Makati Avenue on November 13, 2010 care of NomNom Club. You can order anything from the menu (but no take-outs) 🙂 . Please email admin AT for any inquiries or concerns.

Thank you for your continued support and interaction with NomNom Club food blog. Be the next Top Commenter of the Month for November and December (winners announcement on January 2011)!

NomNom is one of the Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Last September 15, the results for the Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 were released and emerged as Top 2!

We won! This is a heartwarming recognition as the votes came straight from the vast blogger community itself. Thank you all for giving your votes of confidence to This has given us more inspiration to continue to write quality food blogs and grow our NomNom Foodie Club even more.

With 12 weeks of nerve-wracking nominations and tallying, you have continually supported NomNom Club placing consistently in the top 10 every week.

Please do check this short video of my acceptance speech narrating NomNom Club’s humble beginnings during the announcement and awarding ceremony at Le Bistro Vert in Makati City:

Jonel Uy of NomNom Club from Janette Toral on Vimeo.

Again, thank you for all your support. As a way of giving back to those who nominated NomNom Club, allow me to invite you (you know who you are) to the Pizza Pizza Thanksgiving Party to be held on October 8, 2010, 7pm at Angel’s Pizza near the corner of Makati Avenue and Jupiter St, in Makati City. Come as you are. It will be simple gathering with free pizza and lots of raffle items such as original Starbucks items and restaurant gift certificates. Kindly send an email to admin AT if you will come for head count purposes. 🙂

Congratulations as well to the rest of the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010.

Bloggers behind the 2010 Emerging Inflential Blogs

Bloggers behind the 2010 Emerging Inflential Blogs (photo from

  1. When in Manila
  2. NomNom Club
  3. Facebuko
    Ganda Ever So Much!
  4. Kusina Maria
    Project 52 Weeks
  5. Fat Girl No More
    Music Vlog
    The Creative Dork
  6. The Thirsty Blogger
  7. Foodie Manila
  8. Jay.eLx
  9. Paolodome Edge HD
  10. Get Prettified!

and a special recognition – Blogging for a Cause, was given to Surviving Autism.

It would be interesting to note as well, that 8 out of my 10 nominees got into the Top Ten Winners! 🙂

Thank you to the sponsors and Ms. Janette Toral for organizing this activity.