Alpenliebe Candy Surprise



The surprise came in as eccentric as the name of my new found eclair candy brand – Alpenliebe. It was delivered to our place in a sweet wooden bucket full of Alpenliebe candies in two flavors – Caramel Cream and Strawberry Cream.

At this point, I’m still not too sure how it is pronounced. But the foreign sounding name is due to the fact that Alpenliebe is from the same makers of Mentos and Chupa Chups, which we are more familiar with in the Philippines. It is from Perfetti Van Melle.

If ever you receive such a surprise package, what would you do with it?

Alpenliebe Candies

Alpenliebe Candies (Caramel & Strawberry)

Alpenliebe - Caramel Flavor

Alpenliebe – Caramel Flavor

Of course, you try out the flavors, which I did. Among the two flavors, I liked the Caramel more although the Strawberry (top photo) is also ok. Both are milk-based deposited candies which is already available in Italy as far back as 1984.

I think Alpenliebe candy éclairs will do well in the Philippines since Filipinos have a penchant for sweet things like chocolates and varied desserts. In the Philippines, they come in bags of 50s at a friendly price I’ll reveal soon.