Going Bananas!

Most of you who know the author of NomnomClub.com personally would know that I jump from time to time from the Quezon City house where my relatives are and to my place in Makati where I stay as an independent bachelor.

So what’s the point? 🙂 From the QC house, I usually do groceries first before heading home. And part of my regular grocery list are bananas.

They serve two purposes. It’s part of my breakfast (with milk or coffee), and it’s my power snack before jogging in the early evening. Yes, it’s my source of potassium.

It started to be ingrained in my diet years ago when I was much into badminton. Fellow players bring a bunch of banana and we feast on them for energy before or after game. The key point here is that it’s not heavy on the stomach, befitting athletic activities.


Now, going back to my groceries. I always end up buying either the generic Latondan (a local type of big bananas ) from SM or the big Cavendish ones from Dole. Dole is a major fruit brand here in the Philippines, and I believe in some countries as well.

Dole’s price hardly fluctuates and is almost always pegged at P46 (at least in ShoeMart Mall), in contrast to that of the seemingly generic-labelled Latondan whose price jumps up and down regularly in the range of P30-P40 per kilo.

With a tight budget, I sometimes go for the cheaper generic Latondans. However, when the price reaches almost P40, I go for the Dole Bananas. I feel it’s more worth it even with the few added peso. With the assurance of cleanliness and quality, I wouldn’t mind it being a little more expensive.

Moreover, a bunch of Dole bananas have 6 to 8 pieces while a kilo of the generic ones has about the same. But if you compare them side by side, the Dole Bananas are way bigger.

On closing note, I would have to add that bananas can help people with weight problems as well. Citing from a Dole Banana article:

…bananas contain resistant starch that is responsible in enhancing fat burning by up to 30%. More filling than most fruits, bananas can easily satisfy hunger and let you feel full longer while providing the daily nutrients your body need. And since you won’t feel constantly hungry, bananas help to curb your appetite and reduce overall calorie intake in a day. What’s more, DOLE Bananas are high in fibre that helps carry away some fat as it travels through the digestive system.

So I hope you start including bananas in your diet – Dole Bananas or the generic Latondan or Lacatan. For more helpful information, surf on to www.dolebananadiet.com.ph or simply click HERE.