Indulging in Choco Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s

Choco Walnut Fudge

Choco Walnut Fudge

I was ecstatic a few weeks ago upon knowing that Red Ribbon will be releasing their second ‘premium’ cake – the indulgent Choco Walnut Fudge.

The first one – Coffee Walnut Bavarian – became my instant favorite when it came out early this year.

Aside from the fact that it’s from Red Ribbon, the Choco Walnut Fudge was made more special since it used Hershey’s dark chocolate.

All these premium qualities earned this new cake from Red Ribbon the title “a 5-star  Indulgent Dessert.”

Red Ribbons Choco Walnut Fudge

Red Ribbon's Choco Walnut Fudge

Slice of Choco Walnut Fudge

Slice of Choco Walnut Fudge

A creamy layer of chocolate mousse rests on the lower brownie cake both loaded with fudge and chopped walnuts all over.

Surrounding the cake is Hershey’s  dark chocolate ganache. Even the sprinkles on top and long chocolate curls around it are all made with Hersheys.


Aside from Hershey’s dark chocolate, I think it’s the chocolate mousse which caught my tastebuds. I’ve always loved the chocolate mousse cake.

Choco Walnut Fudge Cake with Hersheys Dark Chocolate

Choco Walnut Fudge Cake with Hershey's Dark Chocolate

Hurry! Catch your own Choco Walnut Fudge soon since its only offered this holiday season! It retails at P680 in one size. Nomnomnom…