Mercato Goodness at the Comfort of My Home

The rainy season really hampers the mood specially for a travel and food blogger like me. With the Philippines’ incessant rain and typhoons from the middle part of the year onwards, my traveling is restrained and food escapades limited.

Mercato Centrale

Visiting Mercato Centrale

The last time I went to Mercato Centrale in July, I was soaked in a heavy rain shower going back home. But these are the sacrifices you make for good food and indulging experiences. Night or day, I love Mercato. With the unique and varied choices of delicacies offerred by the foodie stalls, each visit can be as unique as your pallate can take.

On the other hand, the rainy season can really spoil a Mercato Centrale experience.

Heaven Sent City Delivery

We all know that the concept of food delivery is nothing new. But I never thought a group of small foodie businesses could actually come together and get themselves a food delivery partner.

It’s a simple but bright idea. Lightbulb!

City Delivery Delivery Boy

City Delivery Delivery Boy

I don’t have to drag my sleepy head on a cold bed weather weekend morning. I’d just have to call on City Delivery’s hotline number 87878. Or if you want to experience Mercato Centrale delivery online, check their website at or their Facebook page where it says City Delivery is a “multi-restaurant delivery service…we let our customers experience the world on their plates with an impressive array of cuisines from the city’s prime restaurants and other food establishments.”

Currently, for a minimum order of Php500 and a delivery fee and 10% Delivery charge,they deliver to the residents of the following areas: Alabang, Greenhills, Las Pinas City, Makati City, Mandaluyong City, Manila City, Marikina City, Muntinlupa City, Ortigas, Paranaque City, Pasay City, Pasig City, Quezon City, and The Fort.

The cap is a little high for an individual delivery but I guess it fits more for group or family order so the P500 minimum delivery is not a problem. I owe all these realization from Mel who asked me if I could feature them here at NomNom Club. And so, now, here it is! I never knew beforehand that I could have stuff from Mercato delivered at the comfort of my home. 🙂

Please keep in mind the advance and real-time ordering scheme:

  • Weekdays: Advanced ordering (2 days in advance depending on the merchant)
  • Weekends: Real time ordering (9AM-­‐2PM)

Moreover, I was told that current participating establishments are the following:

  • Manang's Chicken

    Manang's Chicken

    Bale Dutung

  • Big Bob’s
  • Chuck’s Grubberie
  • Homemade Ravioli
  • Manang’s Chicken
  • Merry Moo
  • Mochiko
  • Spring by Ha Yuan

I hope more will join in the near future so that consumers can have more choices.

Although my top pick is the ever-famous Bale Dutung, I haven’t tried Manang’s Chicken either. With a recommendation form Mel, I decided to give their signature chicken a try.

Manang's Chicken from Mercato Centrale through City Delivery

Manang's Chicken from Mercato Centrale through City Delivery

Rice almost gone but there are still 2 chicken!

Rice almost gone but there are still 2 chicken!

Mel didn’t fail me as Manang’s Chicken was good as well. The white meat was tender and I cannot let go of the sinful chicken skin made tastier by the SAUCE.

I just had to put it in all caps; you would know why after trying Manang’s Chicken yourself.


In my next City Delivery order, no one can stop me from having one of Pampanga’s best – Bale Dutung by by Chef Claude Tayag!


Mercato Centrale at the Comfort of your Homes with City Delivery

Mercato Centrale at the Comfort of your Homes with City Delivery

Thank you City Delivery, it’s Mercato goodness, rain or shine!