Love is in the Air…and in Red Ribbon’s Valentine’s Cake

It’s the season of commercial love. Yes, a market-driven one characterized by candies, chocolates, flowers, gifts, and occasional greeting cards, to materialistically symbolise one’s love and affection for another.

But whatever the Valentine’s Day critics say, it always feels good to receive a chocolate, a bouquet of flowers, and a cake from your loved one, be it your relative, parents, kids, or special partner.

Roses & Kisses Cake

So Red Ribbon made sure this becomes easy for the gift giver with their seasonal Roses and Kisses Cake which is now available for pre-order until February 9, 2009

It’s a chocolate pound cake shaped as a lovey-dovey heart and decorated with edible sugar roses and Hershey’s milk chocolate Kisses on top. Made beautiful inside-out, it is made with layers of chocolate fudge filling sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Looks and sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

So what about the taste? I like how it tastes different from the usual sweet cakes we usually have. It isn’t tiring to the taste buds, so I believe a couple can finish a whole cake in one sitting. 🙂

Truly a seasonal cake just for this valentine season, the 6 diameter white heart is priced at P330 and is customizable with a total of 14-character text before and after the “Happy Valentine’s Day” box for your special message for him/her.

Red Ribbon's Valentine's Day Cake - Roses And Kisses Cake

Red Ribbon's Valentine's Day Cake - Roses And Kisses Cake

Read this blog post too late? And it’s Valentine’s Day in a day or two? Red Ribbon’s Valentine’s CakeRoses and Kisses is available off the shelf in all Red Ribbon branches nationwide from Febraury 12-14, 2010.