OpenRice Holds First Mini Eyeball Event

OpenRice Philippines has made the art of dining a breeze. They have been operating for less than a year but they have gotten an overwhelming response from Filipinos nationwide.

OpenRice Philippines

OpenRice Philippines

OpenRice Philippines is an online dining guide which provides reviews and ratings from registered Openricers. Openrice was first founded in Hong Kong in 1999 and late last year, the Philippines launched

OpenRice Philippines provides a convenient platform to search for restaurant options complete with the restaurant profile, reviews from registered Openricers, photos, etc.  It is also a venue for foodies like us to share our views and opinions on restaurants that we’ve visited.

All reviews submitted at the Openrice Philippines website are moderated and approved by the staff. This is to ensure that no spammy or malicious reviews will be posted.  On a restaurateurs’ point of view, Openrice provides demographics of their customers and thus they can further improve their services. Also, it is an opportunity for them to promote their businesses and to interact with their customers.

Last May 18, 2011, OpenRice Philippines held its first mini eyeball with their top OpenRicers. We were treated to a burpilicious lunch at Chelsea restaurant at The Poduim. It was an intimate but fun luncheon meet up where the staff finally touch based with their star viewers and raters.

They also hold contests and promos from time to time to keep Openricers interested and inspired to submit restaurant reviews.

Chelsea Restaurant

Chelsea Restaurant at The Podium

Some of the OpenRicers present were awarded with gadgets such as Blackberry, Flip, etc. for being the top raters and for winning OpenRice contests.

I invite everyone to register at and win awesome prizes when you SHOOT, EAT & WRITE at OpenRice!

This is your resident NomNomClub writer, Renz Alcantara saying, FOOD is an important part of a balanced diet so EAT MORE and BE MERRY.