SM Master Chefs Starts Soon!

On its 10th anniversary, SM Hypermarket sets its sights on creating milestones with its SM Master Chefs 2011 program.

Together with 19 master brands, SM Hypermarket will enliven the culinary world’s insatiable hunger for innovation with the launch of the SM Master Chefs. It will be a composite event made up of three components:

  • A Grand Cooking Demo & Cooking Marathons
  • A Supersized Cook Off Series
  • Kitchen Makeovers

The nineteen master brands are Knorr, Nestle All Purpose Cream, Unilever Food Solutions, Tabasco, Lee Kum Kee, Lady’s Choice, Maggi, Clara Ole, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, San Remo, McCormick, Bounty Fresh Chicken, CDO, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog, Purefoods Star Hotdog, Magnolia Cheeze spread, Magnolia Purefresh, Magnolia All Purpose Cream and Magnolia Dari Crème. Each a familiar staple in today’s Filipino kitchen who joins SM Hypermarket to feed the culinary world’s insatiable hunger for innovation.

Cooking Marathon

From July to September, every week in three months, SM Master Chefs will conduct a marathon of cooking demos that will tour SM Hypermarket branches all over the nation, showcasing innovations in culinary products and cooking aids.

More than just a source of entertainment for the onlookers, the Cooking Demos will also be a venue of culinary discovery for people who are passionate about cooking.

SM Hypermarket

SM Hypermarket

Supersized Cook Off

Furthermore, a Supersized Cook Off series will also tour selected branches in the country by October.

We’ll go around the country like SM Hypermarket in Cubao, Batangas, Pampanga, and Cebu, among others!

Kitchen Makeover

Lastly, the Kitchen Makeover will be more hands on with the kiychens of five lucky SM Hypermarket customers who will get their kitchen upgraded by soome of the best interior designers in the country for free!

Their kitchens will be redesigned and furnished in partnership with established designers from the Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID).

Exciting times ahead indeed! Schedules for the Cooking Marathons, Supesized Cook Off Series, and mechanics for the Kitchen Makeovers will be announced soon!

SM Master Chefs

SM Master Chefs

It’s going to be a hyper season with SM Hypermarket so watch out this coming July until October at your favorite SM Hypermarket brances!