Shake Shack is Coming to the Philippines on Q1 2019!

Considered as a modern day “roadside” burger stand known for its 100% all-natural Angus beef burgers and more in the US, Shake Shack is finally coming to Manila, Philippines!

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Steak Ala Dad: Melo’s Father’s Day Treat

It’s D-Day today, Dad’s Day! And with the fathers on mind, Melo’s Steakhouse has prepared something special for the man of the house – Steak Ala Dad.

Melo's Steak Ala Dad

Melo's Steak Ala Dad

Known initially to be the first restaurant to serve certified Angus Beef in the Philippines, Melo’s now also features Wagyu beef. And speaking of Wagyu, Steak Ala Dad is Melo’s latest creation to commemorate all the fathers for their hard work and sacrifices. I’ve tried it myself a few days ago in Melo’s Makati and the steak is soft and luscious just as what I expected from Melo’s. Although it’s my first time in Makati, I have tried Melo’s in Quezon City near ABS-CBN.

“We came up with our own Fathers’ Day Special which is certified to make the man of the house melt,” shared Melo’s Marketing Manager Carolina Santiago Macasaet, daughter of owner Carmelo L. Santiago, known as “Melo”.

Personally, I appreciate Melo’s personalized service in making sure that the steaks served in our tables were carefully cooked and grilled according to our liking. You can have your steak cooked in any level but I suggest you have them medium rare to have the firm surface while maintaining the soft meat inside. The Wagyu tenderloin is wrapped in bacon and sits on a serving of mash potato, some vegetables including carrots and asparagus, and mushroom porcini sauce.

Melo's Father's Day Special - Steak Ala Dad

Melo's Father's Day Special - Steak Ala Dad

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Melo's Jupiter in Makati

Melo's Jupiter in Makati

So in case you’re browsing for a good place to treat dad on his special day, give him a taste of Steak Ala Dad which is in line with Melo’s expertise of the tastiest steaks, and perhaps follow it with Red Ribbon‘s Father’s Day Cake as well for a sweet finish. 🙂

Legazpi Sunday Market Hosts “Grilla In Manila”

Another adventure in Legazpi Sunday Market is set as they organize the first “Grilla In Manila” grilling contest and festival on April 25, 2010.

Although registration for the contest is already closed, you can still join us as we witness the actual contest this weekend from 8am to 11am. Teams just had their debriefing last Sunday. Aspiring cooks, chefs and entrepreneurs are encouraged to attend.

Here is a backgrounder on the contest:

The contest is open to non-professionals, foodies, student chefs, starting out entrepreneurs, etc. (amateurs).  Teams with a maximum of 3 members will be allowed.

a. The teams will submit a total of 3 dishes prepared in its entirety at the market (preparation and cooking time is a total of 3 hours).

  1. Grilled Beef Dish – 2.5 kilos of Angus  beef will be provided by the LSM courtesy of sponsor Tenderbites.
  2. Specialty Grilled Dish (choice of team)
  3. Side Dish (produce to be purchased at the LSM by the team). Produce (vegetables, fruits, protein etc.) must be purchased at the LSM by the team on the day of the event  for only P200 (to be sponsored by the market). It must also be prepared in its entirety at the market (preparation and cooking time is a total of 3 hours)

b. Preparation and cooking time is a total of 3 hours. All 3 dishes should be ready for tasting at 11am.

c.  All grilling and cooking equipment, unless specified, will be provided by the team. No electricity will be provided.

Legazpi Sunday Market's Grilla In Manila

Legazpi Sunday Market's Grilla In Manila

d.  All ingredients will be provided by the teams except where specified.

e.  5 gallons of water will be provided for each team’s use.

f.  Teams should be at the venue by  8:00 am.

g.  Teams must provide all cutlery, dish towels, utensil , grillers and any appliances or Ingredients not specified.

h.  Cleanliness and safe food handling is of at utmost importance.

i.  The amount of food prepared must be enough for:
40 small tasting portions
-  5  full portions for judges (plated)

Judging Criteria
Presentation/Visual Appeal        15%
Palatability/Flavor            50%
Tendreness                15%
Originality/Creativity            20%

The Market Griller (people’s choice)
The Grill King (overall winner)

For inquiries on Legazpi Sunday Market‘s “Grilla In Manila“, you may call Maan at (632)425.0851 or email