What is Hendrick’s Cucumber Currency?

In a move related to financial markets worldwide, Hendrick’s Gin will recognise the true value of the cucumber by transforming the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units, to retrieve a Hendrick’s & Tonic, in celebration of World Cucumber Day this June 14.

Hendrick’s Gin has always held the cucumber in the highest regard. The spirit’s unusual distillation process includes an infusion of rose and cucumber, which yields an extraordinarily smooth gin that is a rare union of lightness and complexity.

World Cucumber Day

World Cucumber Day

Not only that, but there is simply no better way to cap off a Hendrick’s cocktail than with a little green garnish cut from the same fruit that gives Hendrick’s its pleasingly unusual flavour.

World Cucumber Day is an annual celebration, which sees the unusual gin maker hero the remarkable fruit by adding delightful peculiarity to everyday universal things to inspire people to cultivate and embrace their unusual side.

Following 2019’s successful exchange of the green of cash for the green of a cucumber, the gin maker has partnered with 38 bars including Bar 55, Lampara, Bar Flora, After Hours, Salt and Ice (Molito and BGC), Oto, Curator, Run Rabbit Run, Japonesa, West 32, Agimat, Distillery, Hola Bombón, Southbank (Estancia and Alabang), Brick and Mortar, Burnt Bean, Craft BGC, Fauna, St. Louis, LIT, LAB, Katsu, Scarlet, Draft (Molito, BGC, Rockwell), Maillard, Silong, Spritz, Keepers Bar, Hola Eat Drink & Play, RM16, Kona PH, Vault, Bar by East, and Seven to facilitate these unorthodox transactions.

Hendrick's Gin

Cash & Card Are OutHendrick’s Cucumber Currency Returns

Charmaine Thio, Hendricks’ Southeast Asia A.mbassador, comments, “After a well-received trial in 2019, where we converted the beloved cucumber into currency, we’re inviting curious-minded individuals once again to exchange this unconventional green fruit for the most peculiar libation, a Hendrick’s & Tonic.

The bars will accept bona fide cucumbers of any species as currency – or “bar tender” – in exchange for a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic during a dedicated ‘Cucumber Hour’ – a perfect twist on the popular ‘cocktail hour’ offering.

There is simply no better way to cap off a Hendrick’s cocktail than with a little green garnish cut from the same fruit that gives the gin its delightfully unusual flavour. Whether it’s a classic slice, peculiar spears, a bold wedge or an unusual tongue, the cucumber gives ample opportunity for expressive experimentation in shape and size that is sure to please the eye as well as the palate. We welcome those with a shared disposition to join us in the wondrous possibilities World Cucumber Day has to offer.

Hendrick's Tonic Recipe

Hendrick’s Tonic Recipe

Hendrick's Gin Recipe

Hendrick’s Gin Recipe

Cucumber Hour’ will run from 5 – 11 pm on Wednesday, 14 June, 2023.

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Know more about Hendricks Gin, Henricks Cucumber Currency, and the World Cucumber Day on their website.

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