Discovering Sinalco: The Taste-Test & Review!

If the “Sinalco” brand sounds new to you, it’s because they’re new in the Philippines! Barely 2 years in the country, the Sinalco line of beverages made a mark and reached Philippine shores through Euro Interbev Corp.

Coming from the Latin “sine alcohole” which means “without alcohol“, Sinalco is actually the oldest soft drink brand in Europe having started in Germany since the early 1900s – a true classic, isn’t it? It is known for its cola and beverages made from tropical fruits.

As a German company, they are known for quality standards and use of high grade ingredients in the production and flavor of the beverages. Today, Sinalco has presence in around 40 countries worldwide.

Sinalco Philippines

Discovering Sinalco!

Being a cola-loving tropical country, it is no surprise that Sinalco found it’s way to the Philippines which can get really hot and humid during the summer, when soft drinks are most in demand. Currently, Sinalco initially offers the Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Special product variants in the country.

Taste-Test & Review: Sinalco Cola & Sinalco Special

Sinalco Philippines knows how to approach the Filipino market who loves a cold glass of cola to go with their rice meal on a hot day.

Hence, they first introduced the Sinalco Cola! It’s unique-tasting secret concoction is complemented with a non-GMO natural sugarcane sweetener.

Sinalco Cola

Sinalco Cola!

Sinalco Philippines

Pizza with a can of Sinalco Cola!

In my personal capacity, I took the Sinalco Cola around Manila in a foodie adventure and paired it with some of my favorite fares including pizza and lasagna.

The result was amazing as I got to appreciate its smooth and light taste that seemingly has a hint of root beer flavor as well.

Up next, I also tried the Sinalco Special!

This fruity drink is actually a combination of 4 fruit flavors namely Lemon, Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry.

Sinalco Special

The refreshing Sinalco Special with my serving of lasagana!

It’s just what you need if you can’t decide among the 4 fruit flavors – just have them all! 🙂

Personally, I find it really refreshing and unique to the taste! It is a good respite from the usual soda flavors we have around. I think the ladies would love it as well!

Check out this quick Youtube and Facebook Video of our Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Special Taste-Test and Review:

More Flavors & Beyond

Moreover, there is a wide array of Sinalco products—from carbonated drinks, juices, teas, sports drinks, non-alcohol beer and mineral water.

In other countries, Sinalco Orange, Sinalco Bitter Lemon, Sinalco Lemon Lime, Sinalco Cloudy Lemon,
Sinalco Apple, and many more, are also offered.


Perfect for the upcoming summer!

So expect these interesting canned juice flavors to be out in the market in the near future.

As for the prices (SRP), The Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Special 330 ml slim can retails at about Php 26 Php 28 in major groceries and supermarkets but can go up at Php 33 through convenience stores such as 7-Eleven.

Currently, they also have the 5+1 promo pack from selected groceries where you can get it at even lower prices!

Sinalco Cola

Have you tasted Sinalco yet?

SInalco Special

Me & My Sinalco Special

Sinalco products are now available in all 7-Eleven stores, Puregold, Landmark, Hi-Top, All-Day, Sta. Lucia, Merkado and other leading supermarket and groceries nationwide!

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Overall, we love the tastes of the new Sinalco Cola and Sinalco Special! They both get our thumbs-up and congratulations to Sinalco Philippines!

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Cheers for SInalco in the Philippines!

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