Presotea From Taiwan Enters Philippine Milk Tea Market

When there’s too much competition in a particular product brand category, two major factors are key to make you rise above the rest – a real good marketing strategy, and product quality.

For the new milk tea brand from Taiwan which started less than a month ago, Presotea Philippines has yet to be prove the former. But as for the latter – QUALITY, they’re already quite there.

Brew To Order

Presotea Philippines

Tea Espresso

I’m talking about Presotea‘s “brew to order” concept where they brew the tea (from a choice of 10 teabag variants) fresh via “Tea-Espresso” only upon order; unlike standing pre-brewed or bulk bucket. They use a tea-brewing machine known as the “Teapresso” to concoct brew-to-order drinks. They use one premium tea bag for each cup of tea hence the bittersweet aftertaste.

As a result, you get a fresh tea taste and the health benefits of a freshly brewed tea with milk!

I’ve tasted if for the first time earlier today and it’s true! 😱

Presotea Now in the Philippines

Upon my visit to their Roobinsons Magnolia branch earlier to day, I ordered their Signature Milk Tea at 100% sugar to established a base taste; despite my usual 0-30% preference.

Presotea Milk Tea

Presotea Now in the Philippines!

And I’m pleasantly surprised that it was not too sweet! Moreover, I can also taste the roasted Oolong tea – its signature drink’s base.

As a backgrounder, they have almost 400 shops internationally. Here in the Philippines, they are run by Gastrominds Inc.

9 Tea Base to Choose From

Aside from Roasted Oolong Tea, customers can also choose from 8 other tea base variants.

They are the following:

  • Jasmine Tea (Green)
  • Ceylon Tea (premium)
  • Earl Grey Tea (Royal)
  • A-Li-Shan Tea
  • Genmaicha Tea (Japanese)
  • Camellia Tea (Green Tea)
  • Peach Tea (Fruity)
  • Blueberry Tea (Personally, the one I don’t like)
Presotea Philippines Price

Presotea Philippines Menu

Presotea Philippines Menu

And while were in that line of feature, allow me to help you with your ordering process through this Top 10 Bestsellers from the Presotea Philippines Menu:

  • Signature Fruit Tea
  • Blueberry Tea with Aloe Vera
  • Signature Tea Latte with Pearl
  • Panda Milk Tea
  • Signature Milk Tea Family
  • Matcha Latte with Red Bean and Pearl
  • QQ Passion Fruit tea
  • Apple Passion Fruit Yakult
  • Alishan Iced Tea
  • White Peach Tea

I hope to try them next, one by one, after establishing my familiarity with the Oolong based Signature Milk Tea! 🙂

Presotea Philippines Menu

Presotea Philippines Tea Base OPTIONS

Presotea Philippines Branches

As of this writing, Presotea PH have branches in SM Cherry Shaw (Shaw Boulevard) and Robinsons Magnolia. They are opening soon in SM Cubao and SM City North Edsa, among others!

Presotea Philippines
Gastrominds Inc.
2nd Floor, SouthPark Plaza, Paseo de Magallanes,
Magallanes Village, Makati City
Telephone: +639176281831
Facebook / Instagram:

Presotea Philippines

Congratulations Presotea Philippines (photo shot @ Robinsons Magnolia)

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In the mean time, we’lll surely be back at their Robinsons Magnolia branch which is nearer to us; but we’ll definitely be awaiting with eagerness the opening of the Presotea Philippines SM North Edsa!

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