Good Mornings & Inspirations with Nash Coffee

I woke up this morning feeling great! Perhaps because it’s the start of the new month of September; or maybe because it’s the start of the ‘BER‘ months. In Philippine culture, this is a special milestone as well as it signifies the start of the longest Christmas season in the world.

Suddenly, we feel very much alive! Suddenly, we feel like wanting to celebrate with family, friends, and co-employees for no reason at all; even with Christmas still 117 days away. 🙂

Nash Coffee

Waking Up to Brand New Day

We are simply happy as an individual, and we want to share the love as a people.

I call this “inspiration“.

This is the kind of inspiration influenced by other people, situations, things, and stimulated by our environment.

This is the same feeling that we experience upon drinking coffee and waking up in the morning. We feel perked-up and looking forward to a grand new day.

Filled with energy and excitement, we prepare for what lies ahead and face them with anticipation and optimism!

Morning Coffee

A Good Cup of Coffee In the Morning for Inspiration

Aside from the positive outlook I’m sharing with you today, I would also like to share with you a recent new discovery. It’s not a global breakthrough or a phenomenon, but it can be life-changing, depending on your perspective, and it can certainly step-up your inspiration that we’ve been talking about.

It’s a discovery of my new coffee brand – Nash Coffee.

Here is an inspiring  of me waking up earlier today – September 1st, invigorated with a cup of Nash Coffee, and greeting the brand new day with a smile. 🙂


“The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr

Discovering Nash Coffee

Coffee  has always been an integral part of the Filipino life. From the moment a Pinoy wakes up in the mor ning, he/she looks for his/her pandesal and its partner / “karamay” – ‘kape‘ (coffee). 

From breakfast to basically anytime of the day, you’d find a Filipino having coffee. Indeed, it is already part of our culture. We have diffused and adopted coffee as means of stimulant and source of energy.

For people on the go, it has been part of our daily grind to boost and jump start our day. Again, our “Karamay” coffee is there – this is Nash Coffee.

Nash Coffee Flavors

Inspired Mornings with Nash Coffee

Retailing at about 4.75 SRP, Nash Coffee comes in different flavors with the 3 variants that caters to different lifestyle and taste profile.

The first being the Aroma Coffee. Best suited in the morning, the coffee’s Aroma taste and smell gives the perkiness and energy that we need.

On mid-day or after-meal coffee drinkers, you might want to try the White Coffee which gives a creamier and sweeter twist.

Lastly, the Brown Coffee is a good choice to end a long day with a hint of caramelly taste as it balances bitter and white coffee for an extra energy boost and sweetness, respectively.

Nash Coffee Price

Nash Coffee Variants: Aroma Coffee, White Coffee, and Brown Coffee

Nash Coffee is not exactly a new brand. I came to know that Nash has been around for a few years now but recently got a new look through its packaging. An upgrade, if you might consider it. Perhaps readying itself for the bigger Filipino market, readying to meet other long-time coffee brands that we’ve been used to head-to-head.

Good Afternoons

Just to emphasise as referenced above, drinking coffee is not exclusive for great mornings. We partner our coffee for afternoon snacks as well. For Filipinos, we call snack time as “merienda”.  

And for this, Nash Coffee suggests their above-mentioned Nash Brown Coffee variant which is a perfect partner for your afternoon snack!

Watch my merienda video review of Nash Brown Coffee here:


“The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.” -James Mackintosh

Last Sip

Finally, allow me to share one of their taglines:

“NASH masarap ang buhay kapag NASH ang karamay”

Nash Masarap

“NASH masarap ang buhay kapag NASH ang karamay”

With that, I end your day with an avante-garde coffee quote on how much we love our coffee.

“Coffee: the favorite drink of the civilized world.” -Thomas Jefferson

And in closing I will leave you with:

Coffee Today, Tomorrow the World!

So go ahead – indulge, invigorate your senses, and be inspired! Try Nash Coffee for yourselves and have the same good mornings I had, and boost your inspiration with a simple cup of coffee.

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