Champalok: Seedless Sampaloc-Flavored Gummi Treat

We’ve got a new snack discovery worthy of our ‘nomnoms‘.


If you’re aged 30-something like this writer, then I’m sure you can relate to an old sampaloc snack wrapped in yellow transparent foil popular in the 80’s.

Champalok - Tamarind-flavored Gummi Candy

Champalok – Tamarind-flavored Gummi Candy

But unlike it, this new sampaloc-flavored gummi candy treat from Jack n’ Jill is conveniently seedless. They call it “Champalok“!

Although it’s basically a chewy jelly candy that is flavored “sampaloc” or “sampalok” (Philippine tamarind), it immediately reminded me of that familiar taste combining sweet and sour in one bite.



Furthermore, it’s soft like the gummy bear candies so both young and old (who have no teeth or uses false teeth) can enjoy it! Haha! 🙂

For a not-so-fan of candies like me, this one’s a pretty likeable candy product from Jack n’ Jill, I should say!


Another new snack treat from URC’s Jack n’ Jill is “Mintini”.

It’s a mint-flavored soft chewy candy. This one’s for those who love mint but in a soft chewy form this time around. The menthol effect of the peppermint is minimal though, it’s more on the sweet side which the children would love more than adults.

But I’m raving more about the Champalok which is highly recommended by NomNom Club. It’s soft, chewy, and sweet and just-a-bit sour at the same time.

Champaloc & Mintini

Champalok (back of pack) & Mintini from Jack n’ Jill

So check out major groceries and supermarkets near you, or give manang at the sari-sari store a visit; they might just have the “Champalok” waiting for you to try. 🙂

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