Jollibee Christmas TVC & the Filipino OFW

Have you seen the latest Jollibee TVC? Obviously themed for the Christmas season tapping on theme of the Filipino OFW, the TVC was entitled “Noel“.

The Gift of “Noel

With the Taxi Cab Driver

With the Taxi Cab Driver

It starts with an OFW father who just came back to the Philippines and is eager to see his family whom he missed for two Christmases. On his way home via a taxi cab, the elderly driver happens to miss his own son who is similarly an OFW. Instantly a connection was made. The OFW father surprised their children by meeting up with his wife in a Jollibee branch and at the same time serve as a welcome-back home celebration. Knowing the driver’s predicament, the OFW father invited the taxi cab driver over to join their celebration with the encouraging words “Tara ‘tang, kami ngayon ang pamilya mo.

Merry “Noel”

On first impressions, this is something to be expected from Jollibee, a Filipino food brand. They know that the Filipino viewers will relate to the TV ad since they are avid dramatic family-themed teleserye (tv series) viewers. They love watching tear-jerker movies and stories which ends with a “happily ever-after” conclusion.

 "Tara 'tang, kami ngayon ang pamilya mo."

“Tara ‘tang, kami ngayon ang pamilya mo.”

But to be honest, I was watching the video with tears being held in my eyes. I didn’t exactly have an ideal family set up decades ago so I know how much a complete family can mean for those who are lacking. In addition, Christmas, which starts as early as September in the Philippines, is the most important holiday season in this native country. Moreover, the OFW theme is considered among the most divine and noble. It is a family-oriented sacrifice too much to bear, but nonetheless necessary due to circumstance. This is the reason you would find a large number of OFWs coming back home for Christmas – it shows how they value their family.

"Dito ang sarap ng Pasko"

“Dito ang sarap ng Pasko”

Indeed, Christmas is merrier in the Philippines specially with the whole family.

I can relate to the Jollibee Christmas TVCNoel” as it touches Filipino hearts with an OFW theme. How about you, what is your Jollibee Christmas story?

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> #1 Jasmin on 12.06.13 at 10:32 pm

Touching video, naalala ko papa ko.

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> #2 Rose on 12.13.13 at 11:58 am

Ang OFW na yan hindi uuwi sa Tunay na pamilya kaya hindi dumetretso sa Bahay kaya sa jolibee dumeretso. Personally he should be credible to be in these Jolibee christmas ofw commercial , and be a role model for OFW balikbayan. Jolibee should also check the background of their talents. laugh out loud evrytime i see this commercial.

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