Refreshing Drinks & Cuteness Overflow in New Cinnamoroll x CoCo Collab

Have you seen the latest merch craze in town, care of the newest Cinnamoroll x CoCo collaboration?

We all know that CoCo is one of the best spots to find our favorite milk tea and juices, with their wide selection of menu favorites. That is why they recently ensured an extra special summer through their latest collaboration with Cinnamoroll!

CoCo Cinnamoroll

t’s A Cute And Cool Summer With Cinnamoroll x CoCo

We got to try first dibs more than a week ago at the CoCo Sapphire branch in Ortigas, Pasig City! Although the official online announcement was unveiled May 1, 2024, CoCo fans can actually troop to the stores as early as April 29 ahead of the public.

Cinnamoroll x CoCo

The most anticipated Cinnamoroll x CoCo collab combines CoCo’s beloved and sought-after approach to drinks with the adorable qualities of the charming Sanrio character. Cinnamoroll x CoCo presents 3 exclusive slushy drinks, 4 toy designs, a branded cup, and a cooler bag!

The three new and exclusive slushy drinks in the collaboration are the following:

  • Avocado Pudding (P 180)
  • Honey Jelly Watermelon (P 190)
  • Avocado Dream (P 190)

All three were good, but I am personally biased for the 2 avocado variants as it is one of my fav fruits. NomNom Club‘s favorite however, is the Avocado Dream.

Cinnamoroll x CoCo

Cinnamoroll x CoCo Exclusive Drinks!

Avocado Dream

Avocado Pudding (P180), Honey Jelly Watermelon (P190), and Avocado Dream (P190)

Here are their details:

The Avocado Pudding integrates the richness of ripe avocados with sweet and creamy pudding, while the Avocado Dream lives up to its name aptly as house-made pudding complements the avocados and the layer of luscious salty cream.

The last and slightly odd-one-out is the Honey Jelly Watermelon, but I believe that watermelon lovers would delight in this. With varied textures  at play, one would appreciate the smooth watermelon blend combining chewy honey jelly toppings, and the fluffy, salty cream.

Cinnamoroll CoCo

Cinnamoroll x CoCo Collaboration

Cinnamoroll Toys

Cinnamoroll Toys on display at the CoCo branches

Cinnamoroll Merch & Toys

Cinnamoroll collectors would surely delight to know that any drink from the collaboration can be bundled with your preferred Cinnamoroll toy and comes with a free Cinnamoroll cooler bag.

Each toy features Cinnamoroll enjoying different summer experiences:

  • Cinnamoroll Heart Stamp creates a heart pattern when rolled
  • Cinnamoroll Surprise depicts the character coming out of a CoCo cup
  • Cinnamoroll Watermelon Fun features a battery-operated mini watermelon that opens up
  • Cinnamoroll Watermelon Slush shows the character enjoying a CoCo drink

As a CoCo lover as well, we love the Cinnamoroll Surprise as it looks like a CoCo beverage, with a push-button surprise. It can handily serve as a cute paper weight too!

But in terms of playfulness, I love the Cinnamoroll Watermelon Slush with its hidden back-button waving Cinnamoroll‘s ears and popping out a heart-sign. I know Miss Anna would agree!

Cinnamoroll Merch

Cinnamoroll Merch: Cinnamoroll Surprise, Cinnamoroll Watermelon Fun, Cinnamoroll Heart Stamp, and Cinnamoroll Watermelon Slush!

Cinnamoroll Stamp

How about this Cinnamoroll Heart Stamp? 🙂

Cinnamoroll x CoCo Prices

The Avocado Pudding drink + toy + cooler bag bundle costs P 410. The Honey Jelly Watermelon drink + toy + cooler bag bundle is P 420. The Avocado Dream drink + toy + cooler bag bundle is P 420.

Basically, add P 220 to any of the featured drinks in this series.

Moreover, all three exclusive drinks come in a cup with the Cinnamoroll x CoCo design which will make you go “Aww!” as you receive your order.

You may get the Cinnamoroll x CoCo drinks, toys, and merch collaboration in store or via food delivery apps (currently on hold). Hurry and get yourself some Cinnamoroll x CoCo goodness until supplies last!

Cinnamoroll Bag

Don’t forget that a bundle also comes with a Cinnamoroll Cooler Bag!

Cinnamoroll Collection

The beloved stop for milk tea offers three exclusive drinks, Cinnamoroll toys and merch this summer season.

I hope Cinnamoroll‘s other friends Chiffon, Mocha, Espresso, Cappuccino, and Milk., can join-in on the fun through the next collabs in the near future! Learn more about the latest from CoCo Milk Tea by following @cocoteaph on Instagram and TikTok.

Hungry for more foodie finds? Follow NomNom Club  on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram too!

Have fun of collecting the Cinamoroll toys and merch while enjoying CoCo drinks!

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