The Other Side of Bamboo

You must have recently seen Jollibee‘s commercial that says “Beef-beef, beef-beef!” featuring the Garlic Pepper Beef rice meal being endorsed by no less than one of the Philippines’ rock music icon – Bamboo Mañalac – famously known simply as “Bamboo“.

Bamboo Mañalac

Bamboo Mañalac

I regularly see him on TV recently as one of the coaches in The Voice Philippines leading Kamp Kawayan. But last night was surreal, aside from Bamboo performing some of his greatest hits live, we also got the chance to jam with him – as in we sang his songs on stage with him.

Honestly speaking, I am no rocker, I’m more of the ballad type of guy. But when Jollibee invited us as part of the online media to cover the official relaunch of their Garlic Pepper Beef at Craft Pub at the Fort, I knew I had to go and meet the man up-close.

He has reaped success as a respected musician and world-class performer with his best-selling albums and sold-out concerts. As part of the rock-music industry for more than two decades, Bamboo had his part of the ups and lows but in the recent years, you can see a lot of positive changes in this man’s character while retaining his passion for music and OPM.

Bamboo Team Kawayan

Rock It On with The Rock Icon


Jamming with Bamboo

Bamboo as a Foodie

Garlic Pepper Beef

“You’ve got the rockstar look, Jonel!” – Bamboo

I also got the opportunity to ask him a question last night. As a new endorser of a food product, and this being a food blog, I naturally asked him about food.

Yes, we know a lot about him in the realm of music but come to think of it, we don’t know much about his favorite foods, aside from the Jollibee Garlic Pepper Beef, of course. 🙂

I got to know through his answer that Bamboo is a flexible guy when it comes to eating.

When it comes to food, I’m a seasonal food kind-of-guy… It depends on the occasion.” he quipped.

Bamboo Monopod


When asked to choose his favorite Jollibee dessert between the peach-mango pie and a sundae, he choose the latter; but immediately cleared that he only eats ice cream from time to time and when he has no upcoming singing gigs for obvious reasons. (It’s my favorite too, specially with the crushed Kit-Kat chocolates.) 🙂

People always associate musicians with being cool or astig. They think we’re unapproachable, but I’m really just a regular guy who enjoys the simple things in life,” Bamboo added.

Other side of Bamboo

The “Other Side” of Bamboo

Beef, Beef, Beef, Beef!

I’d like to take this opportunity as well to sincerely thank Bamboo through this blog, for jamming with us last night without any “famous-celebrity-angst” (and for choosing me as the male “Rockstar of the Night“). He was one with us in rocking the night of good music, good food, and #BeefedUpSarap rockeoke.


Singing one of his hits “Hallelujah”

So the next time you see the new Jollibee commercial to the tune of “beep, beep, beep, beep”, we hope you’d see the different side of Bamboo, together with the “kid” in the commercial enjoying their beef strips in flavorful pepper sauce topped with garlic bits.  🙂

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