A Taste of Pahiyas Filipino Fiesta @ Goldilocks

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A Taste of Pahiyas Filipino Fiesta @ Goldilocks

The Philippines is a country of festivals called “Fiesta” in the local dialect. There are so much of them such that there would be at least one happening every week, somewhere in one of the island towns, whole-year round.

The celebrations are almost always an occassion of some sort connected to the Catholic religion to the local culture and folklore.

Pahiyas: Food & Festivals

Goldilocks Pistang Pinoy

Pahiyas & Goldilocks Pistang Pinoy

And together with these rich tradition of festivities, is the rich flavor of the local food.

In particular to a major one that’s soon upcoming in Lucban, Quezon, the annual Pahiyas Festival has become widely known as one of the most colorful and vibrant celebrations in the country, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

Signature dishes of this festival include the Pansit Habhab, Broas, Kiping, and the ubiquitous Lukban Longganisa.

Pahiyas 2016 @ Goldilocks

Just in case you’ll be missing Pahiyas this year, or the province of Lucban Quezon is just too far from you, don’t fret. Most probabaly, there’s a Goldilocks branch near you.

Throughout the month of May, Goldilocks Foodshop – through its Goldilocks Pistang Pinoy offerings – captures the culinary essence of Pahiyas through its new Pancit Habhab with Lucban Longganisa combo meal. Tasty noodles, fresh vegetables, and the juiciest pork links makes this dish symbolic of the pride of Quezon.

Goldilocks Foodshop

Goldilocks Foodshop @ 50 yrs

Taste the goodness of a Filipino fiesta, visit your nearest Goldilocks branch, or join the conversation by following Goldilocks on their Facebook page, or @GoldilocksPH on Twitter and Instagram.

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Indeed, in true Pinoy fashion, merriment is always accompanied by good food, be it in Lucban Quezon or in Goldilocks! 🙂

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