Summer Continues with Figaro’s Summer Frost

The Philippine national weather agency recently announced that the Philippines will experience a lengthened summer extending from May to end of June.

Figaro Summer Frost Peach Lychee Sunrise

Figaro Summer Frost Peach Lychee Sunrise

This means that the 38 or so degrees Celsius temperature everyday would most likely to be experienced up to next month.

Thank goodness that in this country, drink coolers abound. One such to be sought for is Figaro‘s Summer Frost line of icy cool drinks to quench that heat-drenched throat.

Figaro Summer Frost Beverages

Figaro Summer Frost Summer Beverages

Figaro‘s Summer Frost is a mix of finely blended ice for that smooth refreshing gulp that comes in three varieties namely Watermelon Grape Breeze, Green Apple Cucumber Whirl, and Peach Lychee Sunrise.

Having tried all those three, my favorite is the sweet Watermelon Grape Breeze with grape skin fiber. Peach Lychee comes next with the strong lychee flavor and finally the Green Apple Cucumber.

Try one now as Figaro‘s summer quencher Summer Frost is available only until June 22, 2010 at P125 each.