Magnolia Cookie Monster New Flavors Revealed

Magnolia Cookie Monster was first released in the market a few months ago together with the Magnolia Ice Cream Best of the Philippines collection. It is endorsed by Philippine teen celebrity Elmo Magalona, son of the late Filipino celebrity rapper and music icon Francis Magalona.

A few months after and with an aggressive marketing, Magnolia, through a media event held at Magnolia Flavor House in the new Robinsons Magnolia mall, announced two new flavors or variants of the Magnolia Cookie Monster in addition to the Choco Classic. The two new flavors are Choco Caramel and Choco Hazelnut. A grand fans day for the  followers of Elmo Magalona was also held afterwards.

Magnolia Cookie Monster,Choco Classic

Magnolia Cookie Monster,Choco Classic

Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Caramel and Choco Hazelnut

Yours truly was invited as a blogger to the launch and was able to try the new products.

The packaging design is generally the same as that of the Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Classic but in yellow and red colors for the caramel and hazelnut flavors, respectively.

It’s main thrust is its over-indulgence with chocolate having been made with four different kinds of chocolate from coating to filling. The coating would remind you of the classic Pinipig Crunch because of the rice balls in the coating. I’m not sure if they are also rice crispies (pinipig) and they just changed the name for marketing reasons. You may also be briefly reminded of the Magnum craze, only more conservative (thinner coating).

Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Hazelnut

Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Hazelnut

Moreover, Magnolia Cookie Monster is filled with a fudgy center filling on the inside, surrounded by chocolate ice cream.

As per the taste, I found the caramel variant too sweet and was not even able to finish the whole choco-stick. For an ice cream lover such as I, my friends would be surprised of this rare occurrence.  🙂

Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Caramel

Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Caramel

On the other hand, the Choco Hazelnut (Top Photo) gets the thumbs up for it’s interesting twist on the flavor. It’s not common to find a hazelnut flavor in a choco ice cream bar which retails for only P20. However, the Choco Classic retains it’s top spot on my favorites.

Magnolia Cookie Monster TVC

Tomorrow – October 28, 2012 – the Magnolia Cookie Monster television commercial will be released in major television networks (watch the TVC video in advance here).

Elmo Magalona is still it’s endorser effectively catering to the young market, specially the ladies who usually succumbs to the impulse of buying one of the best comfort food known to man – ice cream. 🙂 And also, the play of words with ‘Elmo‘ and ‘Cookie Monster‘…Sesame Street, anyone?

If you haven’t tried the Magnolia Cookie Monster ice cream bars, you can find them in major supermarkets nationwide specially in Rustans Supermarket, Robinsons Supermarket, and Ministop outlets. Try their new flavors too – the Magnolia Cookie Monster Choco Hazelnut and Choco Caramel and see if my verdicts are right. But of course, don’t miss the Choco Classic which is a recommendation for a price-busting P20. Follow Magnolia Ice Cream on Facebook at Best of the Philippines & Magnolia Cookie Monster and Twitter as well at @MagIceCream & @MagCMonster.