New Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ + Thor Hammer USB = Extraordinary

What an extraordinary combination. I just found out that the new Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ being offered in all Jollibee branches around the country comes with Thor’s Hammer – Mjolnir – USB flashdrive!

Jollibee Thor Hammer USB (also known as

Jollibee Thor Hammer USB (also known as “Mjolnir”)

Mjolnir: Thor’s Hammer

With Thor – The Dark World movie  coming up in theaters next week on October 30, this collaboration by Jollibee and Marvel’s Thor (and his hammer) comes just at the right time. Thor fans will surely buy this package even just for the hammer USB alone. 😛

New Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ

The new Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ Solo Meal (P129) with the Thor Hammer USB (P95)

The new Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ Solo Meal (P129) with the Thor Hammer USB (P95)

On other hand, foodies will love this new offering by Jollibee, with or without the freebie toy. The Champ just got a level-up with a lot of bacon strips, a generous dose of cheese sauce, and a dash of mushroom that complements the 1/3 pounder 100% pure beef hamburger patty. I suddenly had a flashback of the Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak Meal. 😛

Cross-section: Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ Solo

Cross-section: Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ

With every purchase of the solo Jollibee Bacon Mushroom Champ ( P 129 ) or the combo meal ( P165 ), you can buy the extraordinary 1G Thor Hammer USB for P95; This is already a good catch since an ordinary 1G USB already retails at about he same price in the market.

Catch this Jollibee Thor Hammer USB promotion now as it starts today and end on November 16, 2013. Of course, I will surely catch the Thor movie  ‘The Dark World’ as well! 🙂

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak Meal: “The Champ” meets “The Burger Steak”

This is for the hardworking men and women of today. Regardless from which industry you come from, you deserve to reward yourself from time. This Friday and  weekend is a good start as the salary also just came in. 🙂 Reward yourself with Jollibee’s new Ultimate Burger Steak!

Jollibee Chicken Joy, et al.

Jollibee Chicken Joy, et al.

The Ultimate Burger Steak Meal

From the same food chain who gave you the Chicken Joy, Breakfast Joys, the 39ers, and the more recent Grilled Pork Tenders, Jollibee offers something new for the hefty foodies – the Ultimate Burger Steak Meal.

Without having to wait for 5 to 10 minutes anymore, Jollibee supersized their burger steak meal into a pan-grilled 1/3 lb. CHAMP patty, smothered with mushroom gravy, mushroom slices, and a dash of toasted garlic on top. A bed of crunchy french fries supports the ultimate patty from below while a  a sunny-side-up egg rests on a serving of rice on the side.

For the Ultimate Appetite!

For the Ultimate Appetite! #TheUltimateMeal

Priced at P109 for solo and P119 with drink, I say this is one power-filling meal for the demanding appetite.

NomNom Verdict

Together with a group of foodie bloggers, we got to take first dibs of this new offering in an intimate gathering at their Research and Development Center in Ortigas.

It was a filling treat of 100% Pure beef but it didn’t stop me from being among those who finished the whole serving in just a few minutes (including photo-taking, instagraming, twitting with #TheUltimateMeal, and Facebook-ing; have you seen the photos of Jollibee Singapore circulating around Facebook yesterday? They said it’s located at the 4F of the Lucky Plaza. 🙂 ).

Back to the ultimate story, it’s “The Champ” meets “The Burger Steak” kind of thing and consuming them altogether. 🙂 I was quite hungry then but I held half the rice; the rest disappeared in an instant, nonetheless.

I would also like to share the same sentiment of another food blogger last night – Melo from Pinoy Cravings, that the combination of the french fries and the mushroom gravy (which spills over to the fries) made an interesting combination you might also want to try.

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak

Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak: 1/3 lb. CHAMP patty + mushroom gravy + mushroom slices + toasted garlic+ french fries + egg.

Available all day, come and celebrate with Jollibee the ultimate 35th year anniversary with the Ultimate Burger Steak Meal to satisfy your ultimate cravings! 🙂