Adobo with a Twist!

A strong contender for “Pambansang Ulam” (national dish) of the Philippines, alongside Sinigang and Sisig, is the vinegar-and-soy-sauce-laced comfort dish called Adobo. It is certainly well-loved by a lot of Filipinos of all ages!

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SM Launches Super Chefs 2010

Imagine how it would be like to have Iron Chef, American Idol, and Survivor rolled into one cooking competition? That is how this year’s SM Super Chefs will be.

SM Hypermarket recently launched its latest edition of the Super Chef series by turning it into a reality show where participants can create their own versions of Adobo, Kaldereta or Menudo to be submitted with a proof of purchase in appointed Hypermarket branches.

SM Super Chefs 2010

SM Super Chefs 2010

Are you a housewife, a culinary school owner, a carinderia cook, or a food blogger like me? It doesn’t matter because Super Chefs is open to anyone who can cook, be they students or professional chefs.

The competition is divided into three stages: the audition, elimination, and grand finals.
The Super Chefs grand finals will be aired on the Asian Food Channel and hosted by Chef Tristan Encarnacion.

To get qualified for the audition round, interested participants just need to present a P1,000 single or accumulated purchase from any SM Hypermarket inclusive of the sponsors’ product together with your cooked dish on the submission day. Throughout the competition, their creations will be judged by celebrities Winnie Cordero and the country’s top chefs like Reggie Aspiras, among others.

The SM Hypermarket Super Chefs Grand Winner will take home a kitchen showcase worth P100,000 and go on a 4-day all-expense-paid trip to Singapore for a culinary training. Runner-ups will also win a P50,000, P25,000, P15,000 or P10,000 SM gift certificates.

The contest runs from May to July 2010. For details, visit any SM Hypermarket branch, log on to, or like Super Chefs on Facebook.

Super Chef Complete Contest Mechanics:

1.Contest is open to all cooking enthusiasts.
2.To join, just present a P1,000 single or accumulated purchase from SM Hypermarket, inclusive of at least one product from the following sponsors:
3.The contest is composed of 3 stages: audition, elimination and finals.
4.Criteria for judging:

  • 50% Taste
  • 25% Originality
  • 15% Plating/Presentation
  • 10% Affordability

Audition Stage

•Create your own version of Adobo, Kaldereta or Menudo and submit the finished product with proof of purchase at the appointed Hypermarket branch (see schedule below. You may submit as many dishes and join in any branch.

Submissions will be accepted from 2 pm to 4 pm.
June 15 – Centris Station, Valenzuela
June 18 -  Marilao Molino, Sucat, MOA

June 16 – Bicutan, Pasig, Clark
June 19 – Novaliches, Mandaluyong
June 30 – Makati, North Harbour

June 17 РNorth EDSA, Las Pi̱as, Taytay
June 23 – Muntinlupa, Rosales, Baliwag
June 25 – Fairview

•Three (3) winners from each branch will be chosen (or a total of 60 winners) who will qualify to the next round.

SM SuperChefs Cooking Competition

SM SuperChefs Cooking Competition


•The 60 winners will be clustered into 3 branch locations and will be competing in a live cook-off at SM Hypermarket
•Contestants will be given 45 minutes and a P250 budget to shop for ingredients and prepare a dish using a secret ingredient which will be revealed on contest day.
•Four (4) winners from each cluster (or a total of 12 contestants) qualify for the Finals.


•In the grand finals, contestants will be grouped into teams of 3.  They will go through four (4) rounds,  each preparing “themed” dishes (themes will be revealed on contest date) good for 6 persons.
•Contestants will be eliminated as each round progresses until only two (2) are left.  They will then face off for the grand prize.
•The Finals will be aired over the Asian Food Channel (AFC) and will be hosted by Chef Tristan Encarnacion.
• Super Chefs 2010 winner will receive aP100,000 kitchen showcase and a 4-day, all-expense-paid trip to Singapore for Unilever Cuisine Training.

Join SM Super Chefs 2010!

‘All You Need is Lamb’ Promo Extended!

Remember last month’s feature on ‘Food Spots this Valentines‘ with ‘All You Need is Lamb‘ promo? It’s extended until March 31, 2010!

It was actually a follow through of the successful ‘In Love With Lamb‘ campaign by Meat and Livestock Australia.

All You Need Is Lamb‘ encourages diners to make every day special with the “celebration meat.” Dishes made with delectable Australian Lamb can bring a festive mood to holidays and any occasion such as Graduation Day.

Lamb is actually versatile in the kitchen, it can be an alternative to the Filipino classics like Caldereta, Adobo and Inihaw.

All You Need Is Lamb

All You Need Is Lamb


Visit any Metro Manila branch of Monterey Meat Shop and purchase at least 1 kilo of fresh meat products. Every single receipt entitles you to a limited edition All You Need Is Lamb recipe card and fridge magnet set.

You can also visit partner restaurants and hotels, order two (2) dishes, including existing Lamb offers and specials made with Australian Lamb Shank or Shoulder. As a treat, you’ll receive a limited edition All You Need Is Lamb 2010 planner. Quite late for a planner this time of the year, but still doable. 🙂

Participating Metro Manila restaurants and hotels include: Annabel Lee, Lolo Dad‘s, AzuThai, Ascott Makati (Café On The 6th), Café Mediterranean, Cav Wine Shop & Café, Chateau 1771, Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino, Dinelli Gourmet, Gilak By Hossein, Hossein’s Persian Kebab, Shomal by Hossein, Hossein’s, Hotel Rembrandt, Ilustrado, La Régalade, La Tienda, Marriott Hotel, Old Swiss Inn, People’s Palace Thai, Persiana, Purple Feet, Sala Bistro, Sentro 1771, Highlands Steakhouse, and Thai at Silk.

Participating Metro Cebu restaurants and hotels include: The Tinderbox, Bistro Ecila, Don Merto’s, Fine Cuisine, La Tegola, Olio Steak and Seafood Restaurant, and Cebu Country Club.

More on Australian Lamb

The Australian Lamb’s lean meat is obtained from young sheep less than 12 months old. The sheep are raised in ideal conditions with lush, green pastures, clean water, and fresh air. strict quality and hygiene control ensures that the Australian Lamb is safe. It is also rich in protein, zinc, vitamin B12 and iron.

Australian Lamb is imported by Werdenberg International, PTC and Melbourne Prime. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) is a producer owned organization that carries out marketing, research and development for the Australian meat industry. Through education and promotion, MLA seeks to increase the awareness of Australian Beef and Lamb among consumers, trade, retailers and food service sector.

Lamb Menus from Partner Establishments

Annabel Lee
• Braised Lamb Shank

• Gaeh Sauce Prik Thai Daem (P495) -Braised Australian Lamb Shank with Black Pepper Sauce
• Gaeh Kao Lea (P495) -Braised Australian Lamb Shank in Southern Style Red Curry
• Massaman Gaeh (P395) -Massaman Lamb Curry with Shallots, Potatoes, Peanuts

Ascott Makati (Cafe On The 6th)
• Red-Braised Lamb Shanks – Served with crispy fried noodles and roasted peppers and fried shallots
• Lamb Tenderloin – With fruit and mint chutney and pesto mashed potatoes

Cav Wine Shop & Cafe
• 48 hour Lamb Shank – Moroccan Spices. Garlic. Okra. roasted Vegetables. Couscous
• Glazed Lamb Belly – Saffron Parmantier. Roasted Eggplant. Zucchini & Mint.
• Lamb Ragu – Eggplant. Zucchini. Portobello. Saffron Foam
• Baked Lamb Ziti

Chef Laudico’s Bistro Filipino
• Lamb Kaldereta: -Stewed Lamb Shank in Kaldereta Porcini Mushroom, Sauce served with Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Puree and Grilled Vegetables

• Braised shank of Australian Lamb in Barako-Coffee Cabernet Reduction with chestnut and sweet potato mash.
• Schnitzel of Australian Lamb shoulder with arugula boquet, Fetta cheese and lentil salad in balsamic-pesto dressing.
• “Bombe” of Australian Lamb Shank filled with Duck Liver mousse in Rosemary aujus, gratin potato and roasted garlic

La Regalade
• Roasted Rack of Lamb crusted with dijon and bread crumbs served with ratatouille and whole-grain mustard demiglace

La Tienda
• Caldereta de Cordero (lamb stew)
• Zancarron de Cordero Estofado con Crema De Ajo (Stewed lamb shank w/ Garlic Sauce)
• Lamb Shoulder Casserole Andaluza Style

Lolo Dad’s
• Pizza lamb Shawarma – Rolled roast Lamb Pizza with Cucumber, Tomatoes, Onion serve with Yoghurt and Chili sauce
• Roast Saddle of Lamb- Roquefort cheese Quiche
• Lamb Chops

Meat and Livestock Australia

Meat and Livestock Australia

Marriott Hotel (Marriott Cafe)
• Osso bucco style lamb shanks
• Lamb shanks Provencal with black olives
• Indian style Rogan josh lamb shanks
• Slow baked lamb shoulder with rosemary and garlic
• Harrisa rubbed lamb shoulder with cous cous
• Greek style lamb shoulder with garlic and lemon

Mr. Rockefeller
• Lamb BBQ

People’s Palace Thai
• Mussaman Curry Of Lamb Potatoes + Peanuts + Shallots
• Stir Fried Lamb With Holy Basil And Fried Egg

• Roasted Lamb Khouzi
• Lamb Kofta
• Lamb Curry
• Lamb Shawarma
• Lamb Chop Steak

Sala Bistro
• Braised Lamb Shank With Green Beans And Parmesan Mash
• Confit Lamb Shoulder With Potato Gratin And Ratatouille
• Lamb Shoulder Tagine With Couscous
• Shepherd’s Pie
• Lamb Kofta Pita Bread Sandwich

Highlands Steakhouse
• Lamb Cutlet Saint Tropez – Best lamb cutlet with Herb Crust originated in French Riviera

Thai At Silk
• Kae Mutsaman – Boneless Lamb Mutsaman Curry

Somal By Hossein // Gilak By Hossein // Hossein’sPersian Kebab // Hossein’s
• Lamb Kebab – Two juicy strips of charbroiled seasoned ground lamb
• Lamb Shish Torsh Kebab – Charbroiled lamb tenderloin marinated in a special pomegranate sauce with a hint of Persian spices
• Lamb Shish Kebab – Two sticks of lamb back strap cubes marinated in Hossein’s special blend
• Chelou Lamb Shish – Two sticks of lamb shish topped with saffron rice & tomatoes
• Chelou Lamb Kebab – Two sticks of ground lamb charbroiled served with saffron rice & tomatoes
• Pakadmaswi- One whole leg of lamb seasoned in Hossein’s special sauce charbroiled into perfection *Good for 4 to 6 persons
• Roasted Ribs -Ribs of lamb marinated in Hossein’s signature blend of Persian, Arabian and Indian spices *Good for 4 to 6 persons
• Shishlik Kebab- Lamb chop kebab marinated in a Persian sauce
• Lamb Steak-Lamb marinated in a Persian sauce, grilled into perfection and served with mushroom sauce
• Lamb Kheema-Ground lamb sautéed in tomatoes and onions
• Lamb Kheema with vegetables-Ground lamb sautéed in a medley of vegetables
• Lamb Palak-Lamb cooked in a special spinach sauce with a hint of Persian spices
• Lamb Bamia-Lamb with okra cooked in a creamy curry sauce mixed with Indian spices
• Lamb alo korma-Lamb cooked with potatoes in a light yet creamy curry sauce
• Lamb Curry-Lamb cooked in a rich curry sauce with a blend of Indian herbs and spices
• Raan Masala-Lamb cooked in Hossein’s signature creamy and thick curry sauce mixed in a mélange of special herbs and spices
• Mache Polo-Shank of the lamb cooked in a saffron and tomato sauce with a hint of Persian spices
• Lamb Kopta Curry-Meatballs cooked in a rich curry sauce
• Lamb Rojanjost-Lamb in a medley of bell peppers cooked in a thick and creamy yet savory curry sauce
• Malaysian Lamb Curry-Lamb cooked in a rich curry sauce with both Malaysian and Indian spices
• Thai Lamb Curry-A sweet curry of lamb cooked delicately in Thai spices and herbs
• Lamb Bhouna-Lamb with tomatoes cooked in a light curry sauce with a medley of Indian spices
• Lamb Vindaloo-Lamb cooked in a sour and tangy sauce with a hint of vinegar
• Lamb Dopiaza-Lamb with pepper and onions cooked in a rich yet thick curry sauce with a mélange of Indian herbs
• Lamb with yoghurt-Lamb cooked with homemade yoghurt and curry sauce with a hint of Indian spices
• Lamb with masala-Lamb cooked in masala with a miscellany of Indian Spices

Hurry, catch the ‘All You Need is Lamb‘ promo until the end of March!