Figaro Coffee Strengthens Full Meal Line-Up with New Executive Lunch Sets

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Figaro Coffee Strengthens Full Meal Line-Up with New Executive Lunch Sets

Figaro Coffee has differentiated itself from the usual coffee shop in the Philippines by offering full meals and a wide array of pasta choices among other options on their menu.

Figaro Coffee has transcended the typical coffee store by offering these extras and more. In a more recent effort to enhance and update their offerings including revamping their drinks menu, Figaro is now serving the four (4) new Executive Lunch Sets.

Executive Lunch Sets

Figaro Coffee’s New Executive Lunch Sets

Figaro Executive Lunch Sets

Priced at a uniform Php 249 (US$5), all four meals come with a Salted Caramel Custard dessert (somewhat similar to leche flan) and a Lemonade drink.

Indeed, Figaro means it when they say “full meal“. 🙂

First of the four in our feature is the very western flavor most foodies would be familiar with – the Salisbury Meatballs. The main star of the dish – the meatballs – is made of 100% ground beef while generously topped with mushroom gravy, sided with carrots & green peas, and served with jasmine rice.

Salisbury Meatballs

Salisbury Meatballs

We love the chef’s idea on serving the standard Salibury fare in meatball form – something to make it interesting.

Second comes the Lemon Butter Fish Fillet. It’s a pan-fried Dory Fish Fillet, seasoned with lemon, salt & pepper and topped with lemon butter sauce as the name suggests. It is finally sided with carrots and green peas and served with jasmine rice.

This light-tasting meal is perfect for those who are on the look-out for their diet months-in-advance preparation for the summer season in the Philippines. Those who frequent Figaro Coffee might also be familiar with the taste since this is similarly inspired from one of the long-time favorite Figaro Ala-carte dish.

Fish Fillet

Lemon Butter Fish Fillet

Third in out list is the very Filipino embotido dish lifted a notch level and called Gourmet Embotido.

The 4 slices of pure chicken Embotido is a mixture of 12 secret ingredients and served with jasmine rice, tomato, lettuce, cucumber and sliced hard boiled egg plus sweet-chili sauce on the side.

It is however, a bit different from our usual Filipino embotido as the hard-boiled egg is technically not “together” with the embotido, but is placed on the side together with the salad team.


Filipino Gourmet Embotido

And finally, the star of this list – because it’s NomNom Club‘s favorite and most-recommended dish among the four – the Grilled Pork Belly BBQ. (Top Photo)

The grilled BBQ-marinated pork belly is topped with special BBQ sauce and served with java rice and coleslaw. The combination of all three was very well executed and will definitely catch the Filipino palette for a typical rice-rich filling meal most Filipinos would prefer. Moreover, the one I tasted had a pleasantly soft meat. If the serving in other Figaro branches outside of this blogger launch would have the same consistency, then this dish will definitely pull it off.

But what I liked most about this dish is the BBQ sauce and the Java rice. About the latter, this is the only dish that used Java rice instaed of Jasmin.

About the former, the chef told me that he used his personal recipe and shared it with Figaro just for this dish. What a selfless act in love for the brand. It’s like giving a part of oneself; and I admire him for that. 🙂

And that folks, is why we’re hailing the Grilled Pork Belly BBQ.

Figaro Matcha Latte

Alternatively, you can ask for an additional order of your favorite Figaro drink, of course. I ordered their Figaro Matcha Latte for the first time and I loved it!

So hurry up and catch any of those Figaro Executive Lunch Sets served in the following Figaro branches:

  • Taipan Place
  • Greenbelt
  • Glorietta
  • Liberty Center
  • DBP Bldg.
  • Tomas Morato
  • Shangri-la
  • Ace Plaza Pasig
  • High Street
  • Brickroad
  • Promenade
  • Shell Residences
  • Sct. Magbanua
Figaro Executive Lunch Sets

Figaro Executive Lunch Sets

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Congratulations to Figaro Coffee on the changes and revamping they are currently undergoing including the Figaro Executive Lunch Sets. By the way, don’t be limited by the name “lunch sets” as these new offering is available throughout the day.

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