Starbucks Planner 2012: Five Unique Wooden Covers

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Starbucks Planner 2012: Five Unique Wooden Covers

Customers await this time of the year for the return of their favorite Starbucks Christmas products and to start collecting stickers to redeem their favorite Starbucks Planner 2012. But before I reveal the 2012 Starbucks Shared Planet Planner, let’s take a look at the old Starbucks Planners of the past 8 years. 🙂


2012 Starbucks Planners

Thanks to Starbucks, I was privileged to join a group of bloggers at the recent unveiling of the 2012 Starbucks Planners! Everyone was excited to see how the 2012 planner would look like!

Now, on its 9th year, and for the first time, this year, your favorite Starbucks Planner will be available in five (5) unique covers (Polar, Cherry, Spruce, Bamboo and Oak).

Starbucks Planner is Hard Bound!

Starbucks Shared Planet

The design and materials used reflect this year’s Starbucks Shared Planet theme.

Starbucks Shared Planet is the company’s commitment in doing business in ways that are good to each other and the planet. This year’s planner supports these pillars through the Ethical Sourcing, Environmental Stewardship and Community Involvement.

The planner was produced in a facility that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This is an organization established to promote responsible management of the world’s forest. How cool is that? 🙂

Starbucks Planner is Hard Bound!

Features and Designs

This year’s planners are made from recycled paper and engineered wood cover.

Starbucks Planner is Hard bound and has Strap

Starbucks Planner is Hard bound and has Strap

It is hard bound, light and handy. The size is small enough to fit in your bag. It also has a strap to hold your planner.

Starbucks Planner has Strap and is made with 70% Recycled Paper
The pages are made from 70% recycled paper

Moreover, each planner comes with a pouch – you can place a pen, money or even your mobile phone inside. It is available from light to dark color.

Aside from the sleeve, it comes with a cute bookmark and a freebie – nine (9) different coupons that can be redeemed at all Starbucks stores in the Philippines in 2012.

Starbucks Planner Coupons

Starbucks Planner Coupons

At the back is a pocket to keep your coupons.

Starbucks Planner Pages

Starbucks Planner Pages

Starbucks Planner for a Cause

The Starbucks Planner 2012 was made for a cause! For every planner redeemed, a donation will be made to Spark Hope, a program for early childhood care and development in partnership with UNICEF.

Exactly three days from now, you can avail of a Starbucks Christmas traditional  promo card and collect stickers! From November 3, 2011 to January 8, 2012. One sticker is awarded for each Starbucks beverage purchase.

How To Get A Starbucks Planner and Coupon Redemption

Customers have two (2) options in collecting stickers to redeem one (1) Limited Edition Starbucks Coffee 2012 Planner.

  • Option 1.  Collect stickers by purchasing nine (9) Christmas beverages plus eight (8) core beverages except bottled drinks.

  • Option 2.  Purchase 23 core beverages aside from bottled drinks

Starbucks Planner 2012

Starbucks Planner 2012

* Words and photos by Marjorie Pineda, Contributor

The Starbucks Planner tradition begins on November 3! Support the cause, buy a drink, collect stickers and have your Merry Christmas and a Planned New Year with the 5 Starbucks 2012 Planners! Which one will you choose? 🙂

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23 Responses to “Starbucks Planner 2012: Five Unique Wooden Covers”

  1. The new planner looks nice, especially with the pouch. I opted to not get the 2011 Planner but I think this one is nice to have. 🙂

  2. jo says:

    is this also available in starbucks singapore? thanks.

  3. MaryAnn says:

    So excited… i so love my first planner and i’m definitely going to get one this year!

  4. upto6only says:

    just got my 1st sticker a lot more to go 😀

  5. i love this hopefully i could get one.. i have 2010 and 2011 planners and this is way soooo cool!!! <3 love it!!! im going to get my hands on this one too!!

  6. melissa says:

    i like the pouch…it’s soo recycled. I’m already 5 stickers away from holding my fave oakwood planner.

  7. shyne says:

    8 more to go….

  8. Vandamski says:

    We don’t have a planner in Europe. 🙁

    Can anyone get me one. Willing to pay for it.


  9. JianMarla says:

    It’s really nice the 2012 planner! Easy to carry! 2 more sticker and I c an have it na!! woot woot!

  10. jared's mum says:

    i’ve always adored starbucks planners but i don’t really have the means to buy one, so i’ll content myself at marveling at the lovely photos ^_^

  11. JianMarla says:

    Finally! I got my2012 SB Planner! yey!

  12. athena says:

    just had my planner last jan4. hehe. i like it but i like the previous planners. i am 19 years old and the design seem to be not suited to me. or just not my taste, i hope they would have a really girly planner for next year.hehehe

  13. angelica mae carreon says:

    i heard they extended the promo.. i only need 4 stickers to go.. sayang naman! this will be my 1st planner from starbucks.. 🙂

  14. Lewis Fredenberg says:

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