Sarap at Home Opens A New Season of Canned Goodness

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Sarap at Home Opens A New Season of Canned Goodness

Sarap at Home with Friends is now at its 4th season and the show promises more surprises and more easy to do recipes from San Marino and CDO Foodservice. The show is hosted by Sam Oh and will be joined by the young actress Jackie Rice, hunky model Fabio Ide and to bring comic relief to the show, Ramon Bautista joins the pack.

The new season will be formatted ala sitcom slash cooking show which will highlight sensational recipes that the viewers can re-create at their homes. With the additions of the new casts, twists and plots will surely be one of the things viewers should look forward to.

What’s totally new and unique at Sarap at Home Season 4 is the show’s support to viewers who are planning on starting up their own food businesses. CDO Foodservice will be sharing helpful tips on how to set up your own small food business so expect smart business solutions on starting up or running a small food business all throughout the season.

Here are sample recipes from Sarap at Home with friends and San Marino Tuna:

San Marino Corned Italian Sandwich Recipe













San Marino Tuna Paella with Chili Prawns















Everyone, get ready for the flavor filled episodes of Sarap at Home with friends. It is shown at GNTV11 3x a day from Monday to Sunday so no reason to miss it! Tell us what your favorite Sarap at Home with friends recipe or better yet invite us over at your homes to try your own San Marino recipe.

This has been your resident NomNom Club writer, Renz your Mommy foodie leaving you with a quote,” Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all. “

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One Response to “Sarap at Home Opens A New Season of Canned Goodness”

  1. jared's mum says:

    i always enjoy watching sarap at home! perfect for noobie cooks like me! i am just thinking which ingredient to substitute for the canned tuna! 🙂

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