Christmas Cheer Starts Here @ Starbucks Philippines

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Christmas Cheer Starts Here @ Starbucks Philippines

Every year, Christmas season starts as early as November 2 in Starbucks Philippines stores right after the All Saint’s Day break. This is  welcomed by the revelation of the much anticipated annual 2018 Starbucks Planner, line-up of Christmas Starbucks Cards ( with Starbucks For A Year Promo), and the Starbucks Red Cups holding the new Starbucks Beverages while symbolising the holiday season!

While definitely a busy time, the holidays offer a sweet period to indulge in the company of friends, extend kindness and generosity, and welcome the many surprises that the season brings.

Vanilla Nougat Latte

Vanilla Nougat Latte: One of the Starbucks Christmas Beverages

Starbucks Christmas Beverages

We got the privilege to see and taste this year’s Starbucks Christmas Beverages. Theya re the following:

  • Vanilla Nougat Latte

Inspired by the classic nougat confection, this beverage is delicious with the rich taste of French vanilla (custard-like and slightly floral) and nougat notes.

  • Christmas Tree Peppermint Dark Mocha

This decadent dark mocha drink is topped with green tea whipped cream and finished with glittering sprinkles of green and red candies, just like a Christmas tree when lit up.

  • Toffee Nut Crunch Latte

It’s a mix of toffee nut syrup combined with steamed milk, espresso shots and topped with whipped cream and crunchy toffee nut crunch toppings.

Starbucks Vanilla Nougat Latte

Starbucks Vanilla Nougat Latte

Christmas Tree Peppermint Mocha

Christmas Tree Peppermint Mocha

Toffee Nut Latte

Starbucks Toffee Nut Crunch Latte (leftmost)

All Christmas Starbucks Beverages has the following prices: Short – Php 160 ; Tall – Php 170 ; Grande Php 185 ; Venti– Php 200.

Starbucks Food Items and Coffee Beans

Starbucks stores will be filled with Christmas gift items suited for Christmas stockings. Check out the collection of Starbucks merchandise, whole bean bags of the returning Starbucks Christmas Blend (plus Espresso Roast), and its Christmas tea pack, the Teavana Joyful Medley Tea.

There’s also the Starbucks VIA Christmas Blend, Starbucks Origami Christmas BlendHacienda Alsacia, Starbcuks Reserve Christmas Blend, Starbucks Reserve Ethiopia Bitta Farm, Starbucks Reserve Vietnam De Lat.

Chicken Fajita Roll

Chicken Fajita Roll

Toffee Nut Loaf

Toffee Nut Loaf

Rocky Road Cookie

Rocky Road Cookie

Truffle Brownie Cheesecake

Truffle Brownie Cheesecake

Edam Cheese

Christmas Ham, Egg White and Edam Cheese on Croissant Bun

Ham & Egg on Brioche Bun

Ham & Egg on Brioche Bun

The store’s savory and sweet menu will tickle the curiosity with food items like Roasted Turkey and Chicken with Bacon on Cranberry Bread, Truffle Brownie Cheesecake, and 17-layer Chocolate Crepe Cake. With such an extensive menu list, it seems that Starbucks will get your holiday feast covered too.

Add to that list the following Starbucks Food Items:

  • Chocolate Toffe Nut Loaf
  • Chocolate Crepe Cake
  • Chicken Fajita Roll
  • Ham & Egg on Brioche Bun
  • Rocky Road Cookie
  • Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Cake
  • Christmas Ham, Egg White and Edam Cheese on Croissant Bun
  • And a 2 new pudding flavors – Milk Pudding & Chocolate Pudding,
Starbucks Pudding

Imported Starbucks Pudding comes to the Philippines for the 1st time!

Starbucks Milk Pudding

Starbucks Milk Pudding

Starbucks Chocolate Pudding

Starbucks Chocolate Pudding

Starbucks Milk Pudding

Starbucks Milk Pudding (2nd design for the WHITE CUP)

NomNom Club Favorites

For the drinks, all three were good but we like the Vanilla Nougat Latte best. Visually, the Christmas Tree Peppermint Dark Mocha might be a best-seller though.

From the list above, NomNom Club loves most of the offerings but the Roasted Turkey and Belgian Chocolate Strawberry Cake ‘takes the cake‘ for it’s deliciousness and right mix and balance of flavors and sweetness while staying light to the taste.

Starbucks Roasted Turkey

Roasted Turkey and Chicken with Bacon on Cranberry Bread

Starbucks Christmas Merchandise

It’s a Red Christmas: NomNom Club & The Starbucks Christmas Merchandise

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Catch the flavors, cheers, and excitement of Christmas this season at Starbucks! Which one is your favorite?

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