Easy Instant Gifts from Toblerone

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Easy Instant Gifts from Toblerone

Have you run out of gift ideas to give your friends and officemates? Does ordinary chocolates and candies look cheap? I always wanted to give sweet simple things, but it should look nice. But with lots of parties and events to attend to this Christmas, it’s really hard to do so – so I’m sharing this lazy bone convenient discovery with you, my nomnom friends. 🙂

Toblerone Christmas Transparent Pack

Toblerone Christmas Transparent Pack

From the iconic triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat, Toblerone releases new special packages designed specifically for Christmas. It’s a chocolate Christmas weekend! Having just blogged about Dove Chocolates and Krispy Kreme’s Holiday Doughnuts a few days ago, now here’s Toblerone’s Holiday Treats in tin cans!

The first of which is the Toblerone “Holiday Treat” pack. The triangular-shaped pack contains four Toblerone Milk Minis, three White Minis, and three Dark Minis. A gold ring on top of the box makes it easy to hang on Christmas trees as well!

Toblerone White Minis Bag

Toblerone White Minis Bag

Aside from the Christmas packs, Toblerone has also released a new variant – Toblerone White Minis 200g bag! Inside each bag contains 16 bite-sized white minis.

Toblerone bars also come in beautiful tin cans with two convenient sizes—perfect for your officemates and friends. 🙂 The large tin can contains a 100g milk bar and a 100g white bar, while the small tin can contains two 50g milk bars, one 50g white bar and one 50g dark bar. Both come in holiday-themed designs. You can of course, go green and resuse these tin cans.

Toblerone Tin Cans

Toblerone Tin Cans

True to Toblerone’s thrust to encourage us to say “thank you,” Toblerone’s Holiday Treats and tin cans are perfect quick thank you gifts this Christmas. 🙂 I want each of those! 🙂

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7 Responses to “Easy Instant Gifts from Toblerone”

  1. Wow! Nice gift! I wish there is someone who’ll gonna give something so nice like this! Yummy! :))

  2. what a lovely idea! 🙂
    Hope someone can give me one of this! 😀

  3. joyfulmom says:

    Thanks for sharing this. My Ob Gyne super love Toblerone, ths is what he’s getting from me this HOLIDAY.

  4. peachkins says:

    ang cute!! may friends akong mahihilig sa toblerone…you just gave me an idea..

  5. LARIZA GARCIA says:

    buti na lang toblerone is for everyday affair, love the chocolate,

  6. kevin says:

    san pa po kaya available to? 🙂 email me, kev_parasciceron@yahoo.com thanks! 🙂

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